How to update PLC Node 9.1 to the latest version?

21 December 2021 0


If you’ve previously installed our node, PLC Node 9.1, then you must complete several actions in the terminal before upgrading to Version 9.5 and synchronizing with the blockchain (you’ll find instructions on setting up the terminal at this link.)

First, you must delete all PLC Node data by entering two consecutive commands in the terminal:

docker stop plc-node

docker rm plc-node

Now, initiate the command to launch PLC Node 9.5:

docker run -d -p 9335:9335 -p 29333:9333 --env PLATINCOIN_BLOCKS_URI="" --name plc-node

Done! Your node has been updated to the latest version. 




PLATIN World Latin America Convention — our massive Latin American event has concluded!

26 November 2021 0

PLATIN World Latin America Convention – one of the most massive events in the entire history of PLATIN World – was hosted on October 30, at the conference hall of the Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun Hotel in Cancun. 

Over the course of several days, PLATIN World welcomed guests and participants at the event. 

The event started with the Gala Dinner — partners with the highest ranks joined this dinner, enjoying an atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday: active networking, interesting performances from partners, music and dancing!

The main event started on the second day — it was attended by guests from across Latin America - Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, and more. Alex Reinhardt and PLATIN World leaders shared their success stories, motivated the participants to reach new heights, and finished the day with an award ceremony featuring commemorative diplomas and pins (unique badges with PLC symbols) for participants.

The event ended with two days of active training sessions in sales, leadership and business management from top PLATIN World experts.


Over 1000 partners have reached the Diamond rank at Platin World!

26 November 2021 0

At Platin World, our main goal is to enable people around the world to boost their earnings and personal growth with technologies, regardless of their place of residence, age and technical background. With Platin World, hundreds of thousands of people have already become real leaders! They have radically transformed their lives, having received their own passive income, freedom of movement, a team of like-minded people, an intense increase in motivation and personal development!

More recently, the number of partners who have achieved the Diamond rank has exceeded 1000 people. We value every partner, but, of course, the main leaders and engines of Platin World are our Diamonds: partners with the Diamond rank and above. They work tirelessly, recruiting new partners, creating their own teams, and helping new leaders thrive.

We are proud of each of our Diamonds, and we do our best to make sure as many people as possible reach this rank! And to give our partners even more motivation to reach new ranks,  we host festive award ceremonies at our events.

Which opportunities can partners get from Platin World?

As part of the partnership program, we give each partner the opportunity to build and motivate a team, receiving new ranks and bonuses for their actions. For each new rank, partners receive bonus payments - from 100 to 10 000 000 € in PLCU coins.

The Platin World team helps partners develop their own teams: the dashboard in the "Tools" section contains a lot of marketing materials - landing pages, links to social networks, banners, pictures, videos.

Platin World founder Alex Reinhardt regularly hosts webinars for existing partners and newcomers, where he talks about the opportunities that are opening up with Platin World!

How can you reach the Diamond rank?

A partner is awarded the Diamond rank when the all-time turnover of his structure reaches € 250,000. For Blue Diamond, the turnover must be € 500,000, Green Diamond - € 1,000,000, Purple Diamond - € 2,000,000, Red Diamond - € 6,000,000, Black Diamond - € 12,000,000, Platin Diamond - € 60,000,000, Double Platin Diamond - 120 000 000 €, Triple Platin Diamond - 500 000 000 €. However, there is one other condition: the turnover must be generated by two or more partners, and the share of each partner must not exceed 50%.



Instructions for activating blockchain places

25 November 2021 1

Dear Partners!

Our technical team has completed all updates related to blockchain places – now everything is in place for you to start earning from transactions in our network. Only one step left - you need to activate your blockchain places. In this guide, we will explain exactly what you must do to achieve this, with step-by-step instructions for all the necessary actions. 

If you’re using a computer with the Windows operating system, you must download and install the PuTTY program before starting – it will be used to finalize your node setup. MacOS users can take advantage of the built-in terminal.

PuTTY is available for free on the developer’s official website. To download it, follow the link and download the appropriate version of the application for the bit set of your operating system.

After a successful installation, a new shortcut named PuTTY will appear in the start menu.

How to set up PuTTY

Setting up the program is really straightforward. Let's open the program and see what's in it. After launching, you will see the application configuration window, with various categories on the left and their settings on the right. 

The program features 4 main sections:

  • Session is the main tab for connecting to a remote computer. Here, you can enter the connection parameters, port, address, and also the so-called presets that you can use so you don’t have to enter the login information every time. You can input  the session settings once, save them, and use them the next time you start the program.
  • Terminal - required to enable or disable terminal capabilities.
  • Window - this is where you configure all interface settings: window appearance, color, font and encoding.
  • Connection - this is where you configure connection parameters, encryption algorithm, compression, authentication keys and other values.

We only need two tabs: Session and SSH. First of all, let's move on to the second and make sure that the protocol version is set to "2". As a rule, SSH-2 is most commonly used today, since the first version is rarely used due to significant shortcomings, for example, errors in the security scheme.

Let's go back to the Session section, which contains the main parameters that we need to connect to the server via SSH. Let's stop and take a closer look at each one:

  1. The first block includes the basic parameters required for connection: a window for entering an IP address and port, a line with a choice of the type of connection.
  2. The next block is for creating presets that can be used to quickly connect to a remote computer. The name of the session is entered into the Saved Sessions line, and then it can be saved using the Save button. To use a saved preset, simply load it using the Load button.

  3. The last block includes the parameters for closing the window on exit. Available values: Always, Never, Only on clean exit.As you can see, setting up PuTTY is extremely easy.

Buying a dedicated server

Registration on Digital Ocean

Now, you need to purchase a dedicated server. Dozens of websites offer this option. As our example, we will use the popular DigitalOcean service.

First, you need to register on this website. You can do this by following the link

In the upper right corner of the main page, click on Sign Up.

You will be prompted to go through a simple security check. After passing the check, select the authorization method. We will show it using the example of registration via email (top line).

After choosing registration via email, a window will appear, prompting you to input your information.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email:

The email will include a link, which you must click on to confirm your account. Click on this link.

After clicking the link, you will be prompted to select a payment method:

We will select the second method - with a card. After selecting this option, we will see a new window, where you must input your card information:

After linking your card to your account, you can purchase a dedicated server. 

Buying a dedicated server

Let’s move on to the first step - buying a server. In the left menu of DigitalOcean, select  Marketplace. This will open the service’s internal store.

On the very first line, you will see a Docker block with a Create Droplet button. Click on this button. By choosing this item, we immediately get a server where the software we need will be installed. Therefore, we will install the node using DOCKER IMAGE.

The settings window will open. In the first row, select the very first option - Ubuntu.

Now let's choose a plan - for our purposes, the Basic plan will be sufficient. Below you will see a list of price tiers. Pick the very first one for $6 a month. This power will be sufficient.

In the Choose a datacenter region section, select the server country. You can choose the region yourself. In our example, we will select Amsterdam.

Now, in the Select Additional Options block, check the IPv6 checkbox. It is not necessary, but it is a helpful addition.

Now you need to set a password. You can create your own password or select the one suggested by the service.

So we have reached the final stage. Let’s create a name for our virtual machine. You can use any name you like.

To finish creating your virtual machine, please click on Create Droplet at the bottom of the page.

You will see a new window with your project, where you will find your recently created server in the list of servers. Wait a few minutes until your server is created. 

Establishing a connection to the server

Now, click on the new button that appeared in the line with your server - Get Started.

You will see a new page with instructions:

In the middle of the instructions, you will see the command text, which must be copied to the clipboard by clicking on the copy icon (two squares). Copy this text.

Now open the PuTTY program on your computer. In the Host Name column, paste the copied text. Remove all text from the string, leaving only numbers. Then click on the Open button.

You’ll see a window with a warning - click on Yes.

The terminal window will open. Enter the word root and click on Enter.

Now enter the password you selected when creating your server on DigitalOcean and click on Enter.

Now insert the following command into the terminal window:

docker run -d -p 9335:9335 -p 29333:9333 --env PLATINCOIN_BLOCKS_URI="" --name plc-node and click on Enter.

Node synchronization

After clicking on Enter, the process of installing the node on your server will begin.

After this process is completed, visit your server page on DigitalOcean. In the upper left corner of the screen you will see the ipv4 address, and to the right of the address - the "Copy" button. Click on it - you will need the address for further configuration. After clicking, your IP address will be saved in the clipboard.

Now go to your PLATINCOIN account. Go to the Block Places section. In the center of the screen, at the top, you will see the Node Status widget. There is an Install button at the bottom of the widget. Click on it.

A window titled Enter Your IP Address will open. Right-click and select "Paste" - the address copied to the clipboard will be pasted into the line.

Now click on the Sync button to synchronize the virtual server.

Done! Synchronization is complete. Now your places will start generating profits for you.




Reddit crypto project, Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin, crypto giveaway from Burger King

9 November 2021 1

It's time for some exciting news! What's new in the cryptocurrency world this week? We have collected the brightest and most interesting news and events. For example, Burger King is going to donate $2.5 million worth of cryptocurrency to its customers, and JPMorgan has announced that Ethereum is ahead of Bitcoin in all respects.

Reddit plans to convert 500 million users into crypto industry participants

The world's largest forum, Reddit, plans to introduce a system for converting users' karma points into Ethereum tokens. This feature, called WEB 3.0, will initially be available only to 500 million users, who will automatically become cryptocurrency holders. Thus, Reddit will convert these 500 million people into crypto industry participants.

Reddit representatives have stated that the tokenization of karma will improve the quality of interactions between users and allow Reddit to launch exciting new projects.

Bakkt integrates Ethereum crypto alongside Bitcoin 

Bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt has announced the integration of the Ethereum cryptocurrency into its services. This will allow Bakkt users to not only store Ethereum tokens in the app, but also buy, sell, and transfer them to other users. Thus, Ethereum will become Bakkt's second cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Institutional clients can also opt for Bakkt Warehouse for Ethereum storage.

Bakkt launched an app for storing, selling and buying Bitcoins back in March 2021. According to the founders of the exchange, they have decided to integrate Ethereum to match the growing demand for alternative cryptocurrencies to BTC.

JPMorgan announces superiority of Ethereum to Bitcoin 

American financial conglomerate JPMorgan announced that the Ethereum cryptocurrency is currently more profitable than Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that it is Ethereum that underlies the two largest industries — DeFi and the market for non-fungible tokens. Taking into account NFTs and stablecoins, Ethereum offers many more opportunities for its exploitation and earning potential than BTC. 

Because of this, JPMorgan analysts predict an increase in interest rates in the coming months. In their opinion, BTC flourished in a world of low interest rates and massive bond purchases as a digital alternative to gold, and this world is already nearing its end.

El Salvador will build 20 schools with profits from BTC exchange rate 

El Salvador's President Nayib Bukele announced plans to build 20 high-tech schools with the money earned from government investments in cryptocurrency and changes in the BTC exchange rate. El Salvador has already used the first crypto profits to build a veterinary clinic, and a project to start building hospitals is already in the works. 

According to a personal statement from Bukele, in just two months after the legislative adoption of Bitcoin, the frequency of use of cryptocurrencies in the country has increased significantly. Residents of El Salvator appreciated the benefits of cryptocurrencies, especially the lack of commission fees and additional benefits. At the moment, the government of El Salvador holds 1,120 BTC worth $71 million.

USA announces urgent need for stablecoin regulation 

The US Treasury Department and the heads of all leading financial regulators announced the necessity of introducing regulation for stablecoins at the legislative level as soon as possible. This announcement was prompted by a report on stablecoins by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). According to this report, the lack of proper leverage can create risks for both stablecoin users and the entire US financial system.

Congress is already considering measures that could eliminate the risks of stablecoins, while also expanding their financial capabilities. Today, US stablecoins are used primarily in digital trading and also as a means of payment by households and businesses.

Burger King will award $2.5 million worth of crypto to their customers 

On November 1, the fast food chain Burger King launched a joint project with online broker Robinhood, giving away 20 Bitcoins, 200 Ethereum tokens, and 2,000,000 Dogecoin to US customers. In total, Burger King plans to give away $ 2.5 million worth of cryptocurrencies in three weeks.

The cryptocurrency giveaway will be organized in the form of a lottery for the purchase of burgers at the chain restaurant. One in 10,000 Burger King customers will receive 1 ETH (about $ 4,000 at the current exchange rate), and one in 100,000 lucky customers will receive 1 BTC (about $62,000). Everyone will receive Dogecoin (about $ 0.27) as consolation prizes. You will need a Robinhood account to receive your reward.


Squid Game NFT token, crypto infrastructure from Mastercard, and the return of Tesla

30 October 2021 0

It’s time for our news digest! Do you already know what happened in the cryptocurrency market last week? Here’s a hint: it’s something that will give you new financial opportunities. For instance, Mastercard’s initiative might lead to a new surge in the price of BTC, and the launch of the Nigerian CBDC might launch new national currencies.

Mastercard prepares infrastructure for CBDC deployment

In his third quarter report, Mastercard CEO Michael Meebach officially confirmed that the company is developing a global network designed to serve the national CBDC cryptocurrencies. Mastercard has shown interest in the growth of the cryptocurrency market for several years, and CBDC support will open new opportunities for the company to establish partnerships.

According to Statistica, Mastercard processed 113 billion transactions worldwide in 2020, putting them in third place in the ranking of the most popular payment systems right after Visa (188 billion transactions) and Union Pay (151 billion).

Nigeria launches own eNaira CBDC

On October 25, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Bukhari announced the launch of a central bank digital currency called eNaira. Nigeria became the second country in the world to issue its CBDC, after the Bahamas launched their national currency, the Sand Dollar, on October 21st.

The launch of eNaira is expected to expand the boundaries of the Nigerian banking system, simplify financial transactions and bring new financial technologies into the country.

Mastercard will enable cryptocurrency integration for all banks and retailers

Mastercard is partnering with Bakkt Bitcoin Futures and Digital Asset Exchange to provide banks and retailers with the ability to integrate cryptocurrencies into any product. The list of affected organizations will include more than 20,000 banks and retail outlets.

This project will include Bitcoin wallets and credit / debit cards that can be used to receive funds and make payments in digital currency. The company also intends to develop a loyalty program, enabling hotels and airlines to pay bonuses to their customers by converting them into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Facebook declares support for NFT tokens

Facebook has announced its intentions to support non-fungible NFT tokens as a potential extension to the Ethereum protocol, where there is strong demand for digital collectibles. According to the CEO of Facebook Metaverse, which specializes in the development of innovative products, this will give social network users the ability to freely showcase their NFT collections, as well as facilitate the process of buying and selling them. 

This decision was made as part of a large-scale rebranding, where the company also plans to change its name to Meta. Starting from December 1, the company's shares will be traded under a new ticker - MVRS.

Price of Squid Game token rises by 2400% in one day 

The creators of the hit South Korean Netflix TV series Squid Game have launched their own NFT token called Squid. In just one day, its starting price of $ 3.33 increased by 2400% - with capitalization exceeding $273 million.

In November, the developers plan to launch an online tournament with six stages, similar to the stages of the game in the series. You can participate by paying for their NFTs using the Squid token – users will have to pay from $ 15,000 to $ 33,000 at the current rate to enter the final stage of the tournament.

Tesla may resume car sales for BTC 

In the future, Tesla may resume the sale of electric cars for Bitcoin. Experts arrived at this conclusion based on the company’s quarterly report, submitted to the SEC on October 26. In this report, the company also stated its confidence in the future development of digital assets.

In the summer of 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk already announced plans to resume accepting BTC as a means of payment for cars. However, this feature can only be implemented when the percentage of use of energy sources in mining falls below 50% and reaches a stable level.

Banks in Spain will be able to offer crypto services to customers

The Central Bank of Spain has provided banks and financial institutions with the opportunity to register as an executor of cryptocurrency services. A corresponding registry was launched for this feature on October 29.

One of the objectives of this registry is to combat money laundering through cryptocurrencies. Registration and legalization of crypto services will allow the state to track the activities of banks in the field of cryptocurrencies, while also simplifying financial transactions and the development of relevant technologies. However, the actual legal regulation is currently underway, and it should be completed by the beginning of 2022.


Interview with BLUE DIAMOND Tom Spiess: “PLATINCOIN has everything you need for success”

28 October 2021 0

The hero of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Tom Spiess from Austria. He talked about his team, his past disappointments, his previous experience, and why he decided to trust PLATINCOIN and the amazing results he’s achieved. 

Tell us how and when you joined PLATINCOIN. What made you choose this company? 

I joined PLATINCOIN in 2018, when my current sponsor told me about the company. I was really interested in the concept of the company, which promised unique new tools, excellent career prospects, and a completely different outlook on the future. And I have always loved trying new things and experimenting. I must say, PLATINCOIN didn’t disappoint my expectations.

Did you have any previous experience working with network companies? 

I did, but their products didn’t end up working as promised. They weren’t in high demand like PLATINCOIN products, they didn’t improve people’s lives or solve their problems. And these projects are always destined to fail, just like the companies that promote them. Anyway, I’m grateful for the experience.

Which opportunities did you get at PLATINCOIN, unlike these other companies?

More independence, both in terms of finance and in the choice of tools, approaches and actions. PLC is extremely different, this company is absolutely unique in the market. Making the world a better place, developing their own community, giving people unlimited earning opportunities — what other company offers these things? 

Tell us about your team. How many team members do you have at the moment? And what are your main goals?

There are currently 178 people in my structure, most of them personally invited by me. I am proud of all of them, my partners are very talented and diligent, we all work towards our common goal. And my main goal, and also the goal of all my partners, is complete financial independence. And, of course, I strive to achieve new ranks, but this is not a goal in itself. I’m sure everything will come over time.

What was your most memorable moment at PLATINCOIN?

Reaching higher ranks. It's always a small celebration — a meeting with my team, bonuses, gifts, and a general feeling of joy and pride from reaching another target.

Have you experienced any disappointments? If so, how did you deal with them?

It is normal to be disappointed in people, it’s only a matter of time before it happens. For example, you think that you can help them with PLC, make their life better, but they refuse to believe you and turn away, they don’t even appreciate your offer. This forced me to change, and I even broke off ties with many friends who disappointed me, but I still survived. Thanks to PLATINCOIN, I have a lot of new friends and acquaintances, so the most important thing is to never stop moving forward, no matter what! 

Do you experience any competition in PLATINCOIN? How does it affect you? Do you exchange experience with higher-level partners or is that impossible because of competition?

Of course, there’s some competition, as in any other area of ​​business. That’s why it’s a business — can you even imagine it without rivalry? Personally, I can’t. To some extent, this can distract you from the main tasks, instill uncertainty, but on the other hand, competition is an excellent motivator. But it doesn’t define everything! Experience is essential when it comes to learning. The company leaders hold webinars and share their experience with everyone, for which I am extremely grateful, because they have saved me from making many mistakes. In short, PLATINCOIN has everything you need for success, everything in moderation, and that's great!


Crypto market news digest: first Bitcoin ETF starts trading, new all-time highs, and buying Bitcoin at Walmart

26 October 2021 0

Do you already know what happened in the cryptocurrency world? We’ve collected the most useful and interesting news from the crypto industry, so that you’re always up to date, giving you a chance to be among the first to take advantage of new trends.

This week, Bitcoin broke its own record once again, the first Bitcoin ETF started trading in New York, and Walmart customers will soon be able to buy Bitcoin in stores. Impressive? Keep reading, because that’s only the beginning!

The first Bitcoin ETF starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

The Bitcoin ETF is based on Bitcoin Futures from ProShares Bitcoin; like all ETFs, it allows you to purchase the asset without actually owning it. In the first hour of trading, the Bitcoin ETF generated more than $500 million in income. ETF securities under the BITO ticker increased by more than 4.5%, with the price of one share reaching $41.89.

Bitcoin breaks its own all-time high, reaching $67 000

The price of the leading cryptocurrency naturally increased after the first Bitcoin ETF started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. In just one day, the price of Bitcoin increased by 5%, exceeding its all-time high reached in mid-April 2020 at $ 64.8 thousand. Back then, the price had increased due to the direct listing of Coinbase shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Ethereum also renewed its all-time high at $4375, with a daily price increase of 11%, and its capitalization increased to $ 507 billion.

Walmart customers will be able to buy Bitcoin in stores 

Major American wholesale and retail company Walmart has offered its network customers the opportunity to buy BTC cryptocurrency for cash at designated outlets across the United States. At present, over 200 such Coinstar terminals exist.

The terminals accept bill deposits, which are then exchanged for coupons for a certain amount of BTC. In order to use these coupons, customers must register on the Coinme website and complete the KYC procedure to verify their identity. Coinstar terminals also charges a commission of 4% to purchase a coupon and 7% to exchange the coupon for cash. 

Houston Retirement Fund invests $25 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Houston Firefighter Retirement Fund (HFRRF) acquired $ 25 million in BTC and an Ethereum defined benefit portfolio with the assistance of leading bitcoin company NYDIG.

According to Nate Conrad, NYDIG's Chief Executive Officer of Asset Management, the retirement fund's decision to invest in cryptocurrencies is the first official investment in digital assets, which demonstrates the faith of the older generation in their future. NYDIG also plans to continue its partnership with the pension fund and intends to encourage other funds to invest. 

Investment giant PIMCO plans to invest in cryptocurrencies

Major investment company PIMCO, a subsidiary of the Allianz Group that currently manages $2.2 trillion in assets, plans to gradually invest in digital assets and start selling them on the spot market. According to the company’s CEO Daniel Ivaskin, a sudden intervention in the crypto market can seriously disrupt the financial industry, which is why PIMCO’s investment will be gradual and phased.

Australia intends to become the hub of the cryptocurrency world

Australia plans to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies to attract new investment in this area, according to the latest parliamentary report. Legislators are also looking to boost growth by simplifying regulations for crypto companies.

One of the first initiatives will streamline the licensing process for crypto exchanges, while creating clear legal frameworks for the storage of digital assets. Australia is set to become a full-fledged regulator in the field of decentralized finance.

4-year-old Brazilian girl earns $61,700 from Bitcoin

In 2017, the founder of the Brazilian crypto exchange Foxbit Joao Canada gave his newborn daughter 1 BTC. At that time, 1 Bitcoin was worth only $915. Today, the four-year-old girl already owns $67,000 worth of Bitcoin, according to the latest BTC price. Thus, her profits exceeded 6500% in four years.


Crypto market news: Tesla earns $1 bln, Miami transitions to Bitcoin, the number of crypto users keeps growing

18 October 2021 0

The world of cryptocurrencies never stands still! We follow it closely, and each week we bring you the latest crypto and blockchain news. Keep up with the latest trends with Platincoin!

Today, Tesla is once again at the top of the charts, workers in El Salvador will be able to receive their salaries in BTC, and Miami introduces the option of paying taxes with cryptocurrencies!

Capgemini predicts a 45% increase in cryptocurrency transactions by 2023

According to a study by the consulting company Capgemini, the number of people using cryptocurrencies for financial transactions will greatly increase over the next two years. The current indicator of 10% is set to reach 45% by 2023. 

These results were obtained from a survey of 6300 bank clients and 210 leaders in charge of payment systems in 44 countries around the world, using data from the World Bank, the IMF, and the Bank for International Settlements.

Salvadorans will gain access to salaries in BTC

The Bitcoin wallet Strike has added a feature called ‘Pay Me in Bitcoin’, which enables users to transfer any amount of dollars into Bitcoin without any restrictions or fees. This feature was introduced following a law approved by President Naib Bukele, which recognizes Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. Passed in September 2021, this law marked the first step towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies across El Salvador.

Last month, the American exchange Coinbase also presented a similar feature, which can be used to transfer direct deposits in BTC, Ethereum or other assets.

Tesla earned $1 billion in net profit from Bitcoin

According to Bitcointreasuries.NET, Elon Musk's electric car manufacturing company raised its profits by $1 billion in 9 months. This was possible thanks to $1.5 billion worth of investments in Bitcoin in February 2021. At that time, the BTC exchange rate was $ 38,000. Now, thanks to market surges, Tesla owns 43,200 Bitcoins with a total value of $ 2.5 billion.

However, Elon Musk still believes that Tesla’s investment in Bitcoin was a risky move. He has stated that he wasn’t responsible for this investment decision, and he believes that the price of BTC is overvalued, just like the price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Swiss crypto bank SEBA gives investors access to DeFi and cryptocurrency staking

The FINMA-regulated SEBA crypto bank has launched a service called SEBA Earn, which will allow institutional investors to generate income from crypto lending operations, staking, and DeFi. The list of options also includes Polkadot, Tezos, and Cardano.

The bank has also introduced the option of offering loans and lending operations in digital assets including BTC or Ethereum. Over the next couple of months, SEBA also plans to expand the list of supported staking assets.

Miami mayor offers to pay salaries and taxes in Bitcoin

In the near future, there’s a chance that civil servants in Miami will be able to receive their salaries in BTC, and ordinary residents will be able to pay taxes in digital currency. The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez said that "Miami should become the cryptocurrency capital of the United States."

Increasing the city budget is the main objective behind the popularization of Bitcoin in Miami. Mayor Suarez posted a video on his Twitter where he personally explained the advantages of the adopted laws. The mayor's decision is actively supported by Bitcoin investor and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano. He was the one who previously convinced the mayor to transfer 1% of Miami's budget to BTC.

Maiketia Airport in Venezuela will allow the purchase of flight tickets for cryptocurrencies

Venezuela International Airport will allow the option of paying for flight tickets using Bitcoin, DASH currency or national digital currency El Petro. According to the director of the airport Freddie Borges, this will make the process of buying services at the airport faster and more convenient, especially for foreign tourists. This decision has already been approved by local regulators.

In August 2021, the Venezuelan airline Turpial Airlines allowed its customers to pay for flights using the BTC currency, and since October 1, the Venezuelan government has launched the digital bolivar.


Interview with BLUE DIAMOND Mbemba Gassama: “Success comes to those who work for it”

14 October 2021 0

The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Mbemba Gassama from Italy. He has told us all about the start of his journey with PLATINCOIN, why you can never give up, and he also shared his most memorable moments with the company. Mbemba Gassama definitely has an interesting story to share! 

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you join PLATINCOIN?

I’m originally from West Africa, namely from Senegal, but since 1993 I’ve been living in Milan, Italy. In September 2021, I reached the Blue Diamond rank, which was a huge achievement for me. I joined PLATINCOIN because I had always been interested in technologies and cryptocurrencies in particular. This interest intensified in 2017, when new cryptocurrencies and innovations began to emerge. Even then, I was already exploring them, I wanted to understand how they worked, but the results weren’t the best. This continued until I accidentally met my sponsor when I stumbled upon an advertisement during my trip to Switzerland.

So you found out about PLATINCOIN from an ad?

Yes, can you believe it! I was in Switzerland one morning at the end of October (back then, I was living on the border with Italy and I went to Switzerland for gasoline). While drinking my coffee, I saw an advertisement with a photo of a safe on the notice board of a gas station — my future sponsor Aris Santi was looking for potential partners. I immediately sent him a message on Whatsapp, and within an hour, we had our first telephone interview. Then I received a series of informational documents about a company that happened to be based in Zug. About a month later, I met Aris in person at the PLATINCOIN presentation in Milan. This was in December 2018, and the event was hosted by one of the upline partners from Germany. That same evening (December 12, 2018, as I remember now!) I became a member of PLATINCOIN: I registered and immediately invited 2 partners. This is how I started my great adventure with PLATINCOIN, which radically changed my life and continues to this day.

Which opportunities did you get thanks to PLATINCOIN?

First of all, I deepened my knowledge of blockchain technology, because it supports the flagship Secure Box product, of which I am the proud owner.

Did you have any experience with network marketing before PLATINCOIN?

Of course, I had worked with about ten small network marketing projects, but none of them had produced impressive results. But these projects helped me to study this area well, learn how to sell, recruit and gave me hope that one day I would find a worthy network company that would meet all my expectations. And so it happened.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects where you have worked before?

First of all, PLATINCOIN is a very transparent company that puts its community at the center of the project. And it’s also a meritocracy — those who work hard get what they deserve. Here, the rules of the game are the same for everyone, but conditions improve over time if you keep working. Opportunities for learning, creating a passive income, travel, meeting new business associates — all this makes PLATINCOIN the best company on the market.

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

 My biggest goal was to write my story in this great community and, above all, to help everyone in my structure do the same. We are only at the beginning of a project that will exist for many years to come. I am looking forward to the adventures that await us!

How many people are in your structure now?

There are currently almost 1000 people in my team, scattered across different countries in Europe and Africa. But my team is growing every day, and we have already reached an international and even intercontinental scale.

What is your most significant achievement at PLATINCOIN?

Many people answer this question with their rank, but personally I am particularly proud of the internal transformation I experienced thanks to the company. My professional vision has become much clearer, I have reached a new level of personal growth, achieving both personal and group goals. All this is not only due to my perseverance, but also due to the stability of the company. Everyone here has a lot of enthusiasm!

Did you experience any difficulties in your work?

Yes, it happened. In 2019, I had to start building a team from scratch after the bitter disappointments associated with previous activities and people. It was a painful fall, but I got up, even if it's never easy, even for a tough guy like me.

What was your most memorable moment at PLATINCOIN?

Undoubtedly, when I got the Diamond rank in January 2021. This strengthened my belief that PLATINCOIN would be the company that would help me realize my dream of absolute financial freedom.

Have you experienced any funny moments?

The funny thing, as for me, is that my closest people, who called PLATINCOIN a scam, now idolize this company together with me and thank fate for finally starting to make good money thanks to the company. I like to show people my success with PLATINCOIN, my personal self-realization, and see their surprise, and sometimes even envy. This is really funny.

Have you had any disappointments? If so, how did you handle them?

There were some misconceptions associated with negative perceptions of MLM companies in general, and about all sponsorship systems. But with courage, resilience, and good marketing strategies, anyone can shatter any prejudice and achieve their goals. After all, it's enough to just smile and keep doing your thing — no disappointment is worth stopping.

Are there people on your team that you are particularly proud of?

I am very proud of J. Diom from France, Lilia from London and, of course, Jeannot from Congo. All these people are real leaders who never stop promoting PLATINCOIN and working for the common good. I encourage them to continue in this spirit, because "success comes to those who work for it."

Do you encourage competition in your team? Does it help you? And what about the experience of higher-level partners?

"Healthy" competition stimulates ambitious people, makes them go beyond their capabilities and outside their comfort zone. I never expected to achieve such results just two years ago, and perhaps this is largely due to competition. Other people's experience is also invaluable in our work. I have to mention my sponsor Aris Santi, who devoted a lot of his personal time to showing me various business development strategies and deepening my knowledge together. I will always be grateful to him for that and for bringing me to PLATINCOIN.


Interview DIAMOND Peter Bissegger: “PLATINCOIN has passed all my tests!”

14 October 2021 0

The star of today’s interview is our DIamond partner Peter Bissegger from Switzerland. Peter shared his story of joining the company and talked about the difficulties he’s encountered at work, his goals for the future, and how to approach failure and disappointment in a productive way.

Hi Peter! Tell us, when and how did you join PLATINCOIN?

I first learned about PLC in 2018, and I’ve been working with the company since then. I’m from Switzerland, and many partners live here, which is a great thing.

Why did you decide to join PLATINCOIN? Why did you choose this particular company?

Oh, that's a long story! My best friend invited me to join PLATINCOIN. I only agreed for his sake - he was very determined, and he convinced me that I wouldn’t regret it! So I joined him at one of the business presentations, but at that point I still had many doubts. I thought that all this wasn’t for me: cryptocurrencies, blockchain, technologies... I sat there, listening and not understanding a single thing.

However, my friend insisted that I register, he said I didn’t have anything to lose. So I did. It took me 2 years to understand everything and recognize the opportunities I had been missing this entire time! So I only started actively working quite recently, but I’m already convinced that ANYTHING is possible with PLC. Today, I’m sincerely grateful to  my friend and sponsor Thomas Spiss for insisting that I join his team. It was the best decision in my life!

Did you have any experience in network marketing before PLATINCOIN?

Yes, and more than once. True, it was all very negative, with the loss of six-digit figures, so to speak. But even this negative experience had its advantages, since I learned a lot, and now I no longer trust these people and companies. Perhaps that’s why I was skeptical about PLC in the beginning, and I didn’t take it seriously right away. But PLATINCOIN has passed all my tests, despite my scrutiny, research and skepticism.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you’ve worked with in the past?

First of all, PLC is transparent, open, with real projects that offer real benefits. I spent a lot of time trying to figure everything out, studying everything, until I was convinced. PLATINCOIN never makes promises they can’t deliver, provides all the necessary tools, opportunities, and training. The company is not only honest, but also stable, as it has existed for many years. In my opinion, there are plenty of differences here!

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

My main goal is to reach the Blue Diamond rank. And then, step by step, I want to become a Black Diamond. In general, I want to grow professionally. At the moment my team is rather small,  only 37 people, but I am very inspired to keep going. Moreover, PLATINCOIN has given me many new business acquaintances and friends. I have great potential!

What is the most difficult thing in your work?

Probably finding and attracting new partners. I’m used to it now, but it was very difficult at first. With the exception of four partners, all my team members were cold contacts. Sadly, I lost all my old contacts from another MLM business, so now this is the only way - through social networks, calls, events. Despite many troubles and dozens of refusals, I continue to do my job.

What was the most memorable event at PLATINCOIN?

A personal meeting with Alex a few days ago, during a training in Graz. During the training, I received a message that I had just reached the Diamond rank. My joy doubled because I reached this rank on THIS particular day.

Have you ever experienced any disappointments? If so, how did you deal with them?

If you’re asking whether I was ever disappointed in the company, then no, never. If you're talking about disappointment in general, then yes, of course, because disappointment is an integral part of life. What matters is how you react to it. I've learned to always look for positive aspects everywhere, and I usually manage to find them. If I’m ever disappointed, I always say, "Thank you." Why? It's simple: if someone disappoints you, thank him. After all, disappointment is the end of delusion! Better now than never.

Which team members are you proud of?

Everyone who trusted and followed me. Without a strong team, you can never succeed in any business.

What about competition? Do you experience it at PLATINCOIN? Does it motivate you?

Of course, there is some competition, which is a good thing. This is really my main motivation, but there is another one: the experience of my upline sponsors and other partners. Here I would like to especially thank Gunther Leidelmeier, who is always ready to provide support to anyone who asks for it. At PLATINCOIN, you never have to handle problems or misunderstandings on your own - you can always get help and training from others. And that’s great!


Interview with BLUE DIAMOND Bakhytkul Kulumbetova: “I love PLATINCOIN with all my heart!”

13 October 2021 1

The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Bakhytkul Kulumbetova from Kazakhstan. Bakhytkul talked about the start of her journey with PLATINCOIN, how she feels about the company’s products and projects, and she also shared her tips for always aiming higher and reaching new heights.

Tell us your story of joining PLATINCOIN. How did it happen?

I’ve been with the company since 2017, I’ve worked there for more than four years, and that makes me immensely happy. I joined the company by accident, one might say it was a miracle. One of my acquaintances called me and said there was a project dealing with digital currencies and technologies where you could create a source of passive income. And as you know, there’s no such thing as too much money, especially since I need to support my large family. I quickly agreed, tried it and realized that I liked the company a lot. And finally, I started making good money!

Did you have any previous experience working with similar projects? 

Do you mean network marketing? Yes, I worked for a grocery company for three years, but there was no way of earning a regular income, let alone a passive one. For me, passive income is the most important difference between PLATINCOIN and all other companies. This was the only place where I could gain long-awaited financial freedom and amazing career opportunities.

What are your current goals with PLATINCOIN? 

My goal is to continue maintaining my financial freedom, earn enough so that my family doesn’t need anything. I also simply want to keep working – it brings me tremendous pleasure! I plan to show as many people as possible how PLATINCOIN technologies work, why this company is really worth their attention and trust. After all, when our community is larger, our development accelerates and we all win! And of course, my goal is to lead my team forward and reach all subsequent ranks. I have no doubt that someday I will achieve it!

Do you already have a big team?

That depends on your perspective. There are currently 637 partners in my team, including 39 people I’ve personally invited. 

Have you ever experienced any difficulties in your work?

No, I’ve never encountered any difficulties. I’ve always believed in what I do, in PLATINCOIN products and the company's success. This is probably why I easily get other people fired up with our ideas and quickly dive into new technologies, products, etc. I always like to develop new skills, and PLATINCOIN offers a wealth of knowledge! But learning is never difficult for me. Only interesting.

What was your most memorable day at PLATINCOIN?

The best day in my memory was when I reached the Blue Diamond rank, and the company gave me 21 blockchain places. I am very grateful to the company for such a generous gift!

Have you ever had any funny or amusing moments in your work?

Of course, there were plenty of them! But I can't remember right away. Most of the funny situations happened while I was motivating my team at work, when we were talking, joking, laughing together. We're more than partners, we're friends, so we always have a good time.

Have you ever been disappointed with the company? Or maybe you were dissatisfied with something?

I can't remember anything like that. I really love PLATINCOIN, with all my heart! I can't even imagine how it could somehow disappoint me. This has never happened and it never will. 

What motivates you to keep going and keep working? Do you have competition in your team?

Yes, of course, there is competition, not only in the team, but in the company in general. And that’s great! When I feel competitive, I know what I need to strive for. I am motivated by both competition and the trust between me and my partners. We may be competing on some levels, but we’re also building a huge team together, practically a whole new world. This is my main inspiration! I also get help from higher-level partners and, of course, educational webinars. Alex Reinhardt cares very much about our training and development, so there is never any stagnation at work.