The church in the most of countries is a really wealthy participant in all business processes. Parishioners donate huge amount of money. The church owns a huge number of architectural buildings and landplots and conducts its economic activities which are often also very profitable. It is no coincidence that this seemingly patriarchal institution came up to the creation of its own e-money following the young and energetic entrepreneurs of the world. In any case it is considers the possibility of at least accepting the cryptocurrency as a form of donations.


One of the largest evangelical churches in Switzerland is ready to accept donations in bitcoins. A spokeswoman for the church in Zurich believes that digital money will soon change our reality, and the church must keep up with recent developments.

Online sermons, absolution of sins via skype - all these and other technologies are already being actively used.

It is also important for the church to get young parishioners involved. All methods are good for this goal, especially modern technology inventions.


The entrepreneur Boris Akimov has not only founded an Orthodox charitable foundation, but also decided to create a blockchain platform combining all Russian monasteries and temples. The Fund recently joined the loyalty program of LavkaLavka which has its own e-currency called BioCoin. This coin has circulation among Russian companies producing animal feed, fertilizer, food.

Orthodox parishes can get donations in BioCoins or as a payment for the products that these parishes produce and sell. Akimov suggest the priests should have their e-wallets with BioCoins connected to the personal accounts in the network in order to use all the benefits of the system.


Christ Coin is a new Christian cryptocurrency, which was launched by the American company called Life Change. It is assumed that everyone can earn money by participating in religious activities (public Bible readings, for example) or volunteer actions.

"Decentralizing Jesus on the blockchain" is the main task of this e-coin, as creators see it. They see it as a general good for all the Christians in the whole world.

«"Decentralizing Jesus on the blockchain" is the main task of this e-coin, as creators see it. They see it as a general good for all the Christians in the whole world. states the official website of the organization.

In addition, the creators of Christ Coin have really big plans. This is the unification of all Christians in the world and beating the Catholic Church in terms of the capitalization by 2050, which is now about $ 1 trillion.

It is worth noting that American Buddhists do not stand aside from progress.

They decided to release their own e-money. The name of the new cryptocurrency is already there - DANA, which means "generosity". Karma points will base the new cryptocurrency. They can be obtained for certain religious activities, such as preaching and meditation, as well as for acting good. The founders see the implementation of the concept of "Buddhist economy" as the main task of the currency. It was developed back in 1955 by the economist Ernst Schumacher. This economy assumes minimal consumption with maximum well-being.


The Islamic world also follows the development of blockchain and its advantages. HelloGold company located in Malaysia as well as the islamic financial consulting center Amanie Advisors has issued a new e-currency called GOLDX, which has already successfully passed the procedure of certification of compatibility with sharia laws. By the way, the token of the new cryptocurrency will be backed up by physical gold secured in the Singapore repository. Earlier the company released a mobile application on the blockchain available in the region which is also certified by Amanie Advisors. Users can trade gold with its assistance. All this allows us to say that the Islamic financial world, based on the rigid principles of Islamic morality - transparency and certainty, - took the first steps towards the application of new financial technologies.