Reuters, with the support of Atomico, a venture company, published a report providing information about the intermediate results of the ICO within the last 3 years. During this time start-ups totally collected almost 4 billion dollars on the initial placement of tokens. Almost half of it was invested in European projects, in particular, the projects registered in the Swiss Zug received about a million dollars. The third of the total amount of investments - more than a billion dollars - was received by American companies.

Russian private firm Napoleon Aero has developed an electro aircraft with a vertical take-off and landing. It is able to transport up to 400 kg to the distance of 100 km without recharge. The aircraft VTOL is able to land on unprepared platforms. The engineers have equipped the device with two engines, one of which is responsible for vertical traction, the second - for horizontal movement. Napoleon Aero considers it to be a competitive advantage compared to similar developments of other companies. In addition, the electrical aircraft will be integrated with artificial intelligence for a more comfortable and safe flight. With sufficient funding and admission to certification VTOL can appear in mass production within five years.

Amazon filed another application related to the drones. The corporation was thinking about minimizing damage to people and the environment in case of unforeseen incidents. In collisions, bad weather conditions, technical problems, a drone will gradually self-destruct. Dron will automatically detach parts, while analyzing the situation around and choosing where it is safer to drop the details: for example, in a pond or in a forest. This system cares not only about objects in the fall zone, but also about the cargo.