There are no geographical or political limits for the system like ours. We are open for people with any education as well as social and financial situation.  But we all speak different languages that’s why language barriers could previously divide us. Today we have overcome these boundaries.

Starting from 05.12.2017 PLATINCOIN website supports 14 languages::

  1. English;
  2. German;
  3. Russia;
  4. Portugal;
  5. Spanish;
  6. Italian;
  7. French;
  8. Arabic;
  9. Chinese;
  10. Korean;
  11. Malay;
  12. Thai;
  13. Kazakh;
  14. Vietnamese.

The PLATINCOIN community will grow even faster, by attracting new people and expanding its geography. Because the localization in 14 languages makes it possible to cover new countries with information about us, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.