The japanese media corporation SoftBank plans to invest fast 900 billion dollars in advanced technologies. This amount is calculated for 10 years and it can become a very significant contribution to the development of the industry, according to experts. The conglomerate has already organized its fund called Vision with the budget of 88 billion dollars. The management considers this amount insufficient and plans to grow and to launch Vision 2, 3 and 4 funds alternately. Their total volume will be around 900 billions. The representatives of SoftBank declared, they can invest in thousand of companies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.  

In Canada, the international financial forum SIBOS 2017 is over. The participants of the forum discussed the questions of the trade, money and securities management, as well as integration of advanced technologies in the financial area. At one of the forum meetings Microsoft general manager has called the community to develop useful blockchain solutions.  According to him the technology plays an essential role in the progress and can replace traditional interbanking channels soon.  

Hyperledger consortium has 5 new members. Following companies have recently joined the project: the chinese searching robot Baidu, the business company Tradeshift, Robert Bosch GmbH, the indian IT-company Wipro, the chinese electronic manufacturer Xiaomi Mobile Software, the cloud platform Cognition Foundry, as well as the large-scale development holding from Dubai Majid Al Futtaim Group. Hyperledger members develop a number of platforms with an open source code. Now the consortium accounts for over 170 companies from different areas, like finance, banking, the Internet of Things and many others.