A car was printed on a 3D printer for the first time. Siemens and Hacord experts were working on it. The body of the car was designed with the help of VR, and all the necessary calculations were produced by artificial intelligence. The car's body consists of metal and aluminum, the model is designed for sporty driving style. The car, which was named La Bandita, is released in a single copy.

Sierra Leone state in Western Africa has held president votes with assistance of the technology of blockchain and it was made for the first time in the world. The votes were visited by 70% of the population. Leonard Gammar, CEO of Agora company was developing the technology. The main goal of the elections based on blockchain technology was the idea to create a trustworthy atmosphere in case of any disputed points on the voting results. It also helps to avoid unnecessary costs for paper ballots.

Self-driving trucks from Einride (Sweden) will go on sale this fall. The electric motor will be enough for 160 km drive, which will allow trucks to carry out transportation not only inside the cities, but also on the countryside. Long-distance transportation is also possible. The autopilot is based on NVIDIA development. Trucks can be operated remotely if there are repairs on the roads or information about a particularly dangerous situation. The company plans to start with communication between Gothenburg and Helsingborg cities. 200 trucks will be on service in this region starting from this fall.