USA approved  for the first time the release of medicinal products with a built-in microchip. There is no need to create a new medicine for this purpose, a sensor will be integrated into the already existing japanese medicine called Abilify for curing different types of psychosis. Once in the body, the microchip will transmit data to the patient's and doctor's smartphones. In that way doctors hope to solve the problem of drug abuse which is the most important for patients with mental disorders. Release of the drug with a digital sensor will begin in limited batches in order to define the demand for the novelty.

A humanitarian conference took place in the United States, at which UN representatives announced the development of an identification blockchain platform. Its main goal is  to prevent the slave trade of children around the world. Data will be stored on the distributed register and criminals will have it more difficult to forge documents in order to export minor children. UN believes the technology of blockchain can help save millions lives and decrease the number of crimes, including child sexual slavery and organ trafficking.

MasterCard has applied for a new patent. The company created a solution for instant payment processing based on blockchain. This development can help easily track and confirm all transactions, receive data of transfer amounts and control business. Financial institutions, e-commerce and private clients are interested in such solution.