Electronics producer LG has registered two new brands, ThinQ and DeepThinQ, under the name of which will come out products with integrated artificial intelligence. The first products of subbrands consumers will see in early January at the annual exhibition CES in the US. The management of LG places greater emphasis on advanced technology and considers AI one of the most promising areas in the development of home appliances.

Amazon Web Services announced the launch of a new platform Sumerian. It will help create AR and VR applications even without programming skills. Simplified editor of virtual and augmented reality supports all popular equipment, including mobile one. With the help of Sumerian anyone can build interactive scenes, work out 3D-objects and animated characters. Applications will find application in various areas, for example, in the process of training employees or for virtual walks in a variety of places. The platform will be free of charge with the an option of built-in purchases.