French publisher of video games Ubisoft has opened a new division called La Forge, which will develop artificial intelligence not only for its sphere, but also for the scientific community. For example, Ubisoft specialists created AI or one of the projects, which manages vehicles and virtual characters for urban orientation. The company is confident that this development will also be useful for drones, as it will help improve autonomous driving in difficult situations.

Siemens, the German manufacturer of electronics and engineering is investing in the development of the blockchain. The concern invested in the startup LO3 Energy from the United States, which creates smart networks  for electricity trading based on the technology of the distributed register. Last year, the companies jointly launched a local power grid in Brooklyn. Residents of the district have access to a special application in which you can sell and buy the remains of energy produced with the help of solar panels or wind. LO3 Energy plans to develop its blockchain projects and implement smart contracts.

Facebook has entered into an agreement with the record label Universal Music Group. Now in the social network you can place a video with the audio tracks of the artists, which belong to the studio UMG. Prior to this, such files were deleted due to copyright infringement. In the near future, Facebook also plans to sign agreements with the labels Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group.