The japanese technic manufacturer, Sony is applying for patent for its new invention, the authentication system based on blockchain. The system can be applied by making transactions and contracts. It’s built on two blockchain platforms. Initially a user enters his data and  receives one-time code on the first platform, then he switches to the second platform for confirmation of data  and completion of the operation. Multifactorial system of authentication from Sony should be faster, more efficient and safer than existing systems.

Microsoft corporation introduced an updated cloud platform Azure in Florida. During the presentation the browser Microsoft Edge suddenly did not respond and the speaker lost his patience, made a break in order to download Google Chrome. All this was broadcasted live on the YouTube channel and the spectators were delighted to watch a public failure of company’s browser.

Instagram started to test its new function Stop Motion. With its assistance users can create gif-files by combining several photos. Users can also add ready-made animation, stickers and captions. The function is working in the Stories tab. It’s still not known if it will be available in the entire world or in US only.