IBM and Salon Media united in order to create a blockchain technology able to fight scammers in the advertising industry. The companies assume  to use blockchain during the entire way of creating an advertising product, between the advertiser, intermediaries, publishers and consumers. The technology will allow to track and record the actions of each process participant from conducting an agreement to performance of the services. Data will be stored in a common system without any possibility to change it at any stage. Now the advertising business is losing abound $52 daily.

Another NASA blockchain project won a grant of $ 300,000. It was received by the scientist Jin Wei Kocsis, the Associate Professor of the Department of Electronics at the University of Akron for development an autonomous space ship. Now the scientist is working on Etherium blockchain in order to create a technology that would allow the spacecraft not only to determine its own way, to bypass obstacles and evade various space objects without human participation, but also to recognize environmental threats. Jin Wei hopes that scientists will have more time to analyze the information received due to the autonomy of the device. This will help respond faster to emerging threats.

Google Brain is a research project of Google working on development and study of AI and  machine learning. The researchers created a device that can accurately diagnose cancer with assistance of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The technology consists of two modules that are placed between the lenses of a conventional microscope. One module is responsible for transferring the image to the photomatrix of the microscope, and the other creates layers from the resulting images and superimposes them on each other. The microscope connects to a computer where artificial intelligence processes the received images at a rate of 10 frames per second and gives accurate information about whether there are cancer cells or not. Now the microscope accurately diagnoses breast cancer and prostate cancer, but in the future Google Brain plans to develop technology for the diagnosis of all types of cancer.