Samsung SDS, an IT-department of Samsung has announced a development of a blockchain for Samsung Electronics. Samsung SDS has previously developed its own blockchain platform called Nexledger creating a distributed register for external companies. Shipping companies, tracking import and export are among them. The ship reporting system between South Korea and China was tested for seven months. The results were so impressive that Samsung offered to develop a roadmap and blockchain for the administration of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The government of Seoul plans to introduce the blockchain into the city administration by 2022. And now Samsung SDS is engaged in logistics of Samsung Electronics. It is planned to handle 488 000 tons of air cargo in total with the help of the blockchain in 2018. The technology of blockchain will allow to reduce the costs of delivering Samsung products to different parts of the world by 20%.

Microsoft developed a new chip called Azure Sphere. It is supposed to protect smart devices from hacking. Previously the Internet of Things did not have an enhanced safety that was used by hackers in order to access private data or even gain control over the device. Azure Sphere microchips can be inserted in such devices in order to set back attacks. Azure Sphere has a software based on Microsoft cloud services that gives additional hacking protection.

Google develops an algorithm that will be able to answer users queries not from websites, but from books. The service is called Talk to Books. Already now users can ask their questions, like «How can I fall asleep, if I think all the time before going to sleep» or «Give me an advice how to become a musician» and get the answers from book pages. The mission of the artificial intelligence processing the user’s query is to imagine how an ideal answer for the user should look like. Machine language is good for factical answers. But it is too far from being good while answering more abstract questions. Google is trying to expand the possibilities of AI in this direction.