Back in 1984, there was a children sci-fi soviet movie called “The guest from the future”. It is based on the science fiction story of Kir Bulychev “One Hundred Years Ahead”. The hit was enjoyed in different countries of the world, it was admired not only by kids but also by adults. Based on the story the ordinary school girl gets into the future, the year 2084, that was making a hundred years ahead. It was shown how the movie creators see the high tech future.

One of the sci-fi ideas was a flying machine, a so-called flip. There were rumors across the USSR inhabitants that Moscow really has an attraction with flying machines.  In the reality the movie creator had a rather expensive prop for that time. 5 of these cars were manufactured in Lithuania for 5,000 rubles (you could buy a real car for such money in USSR). Of course flips could not fly, they were transported by trucks during filming.  And there was not a single person, who at least secretly did not want at least once to ride on such a mini-plane. It seems that it will not be necessary to wait for 2084 - the time has come!


Xinhua News Agency reported that the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle called EHang 184 was successfully tested in the Chinese province of Guangdong. This is a classic quadrocopter with eight screws on four axles weighing 200 kg. It is capable of lifting 230 kg in a single package and 280 kg in a double room. It works on electric batteries and can fly up to a height of 500 meters at a maximum speed of 130 km / h. The battery lasts for 25 minutes. During this time the drone can fly a distance of 23 km.

The developers said that EHang 184 has already committed more than a thousand flights and can even fly in strong winds. A special protective system has been built into the drone  for safety reasons. If something unexpected happens, the vehicle can hang in the air. The developers plan to use this  miracle invention in megacities, where road traffic is difficult due to traffic jams.

It should be said that several companies are working on the creation of  air taxi, Boeing and Uber are among them. But apparently only the Chinese company have achieved it so far. And of course, this is a sensation.