The American technology corporation Cisco has filed a patent for a system that monitors IoT devices. It is based on blockchain technology which significantly reduces costs and simplifies the entire platform as a whole. In addition, the technology makes it less vulnerable. The system will track the stability and fix the operating system of the  devices, as well as automatically register the connection of new devices.

Messenger WhatsApp is preparing a major update, and beta testers discovered a new feature: group video calls. The service WhatsApp has long been trying to compete with platforms that are often used in business such as Skype and Viber. Video conferencing between colleagues remains very popular so WhatsApp has also added this feature. It is not yet known if this service will be paid or accessible to all.

The Moscow city government is planning to use distributed registry technology in online services for its citizens. The first step will be the integration of blockchain into the system of electronic voting. Officials are sure that blockchain will soon replace election commissions and secret and fair elections will be held all over the world. In the coming months, Moscow's city portals will begin testing functions for primaries and other voting.