Twitch, a popular streaming platform, now accepts cryptocurrency donations for live streamers. Twitch Streamlabs will use Coinbase as a payment system. In order for the streamer to receive a donation they will need to combine their Twitch and Coinbase accounts in their settings. As of now, donations can be made in BTC, ETH, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. But Streamlabs plans to add other coins in the future. This is not the first integration of cryptocurrency into the Twitch payment systems. As early as 2014 it was possible to get a paid subscription to channels using Bitcoin.

Asus has introduced a new laptop that has two touch screens. The artificial intelligence of the “Project Precog” laptop will allow the computer to work in 4 modes: in tent mode; in book mode; in stand mode (like a laptop); and flat mode (both screens are useable). In order to type on the laptop you can use either a bluetooth keyboard or the touchscreen, which adjusts to the position of the user's fingers. The computer is equipped with two voice assistants: Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Alexa. The manufacturer also promises an intelligent distribution of energy. If the computer knows that the user has a conference for a couple of hours it will work in off-line mode, which will allow maximum battery power. The release date of the laptop is not known exactly, but Asus plans to release the product on the market in 2019.

Ripple has launched a fund to help universities research the UBRI blockchain (University Blockchain Research Initiative). The fund will receive $50 million which will be distributed among 17 universities in the world, each conducting their own research on the blockchain. The aim of the campaign is to stimulate interest in blockchain technologies, to increase knowledge, to develop innovation, and to create educational courses in universities. Researchers will be able to independently choose topics for which funding will be allocated.