BMW has started to develop DOVU – a new blockchain technology that will enable the company to monitor miles/kilometers run by rented cars. The existing run-monitoring system is unreliable and causes losses to the company. For using the DOVU system the drivers will get tokens which they will be able to pay services with, for example, have tires replaced or get an extra set. The drivers will also be able to keep their wallets if they decide to rent another BMW car. The company intends to integrate DOVU with the smart cities system.

On behalf of Microsoft Azure has announced Azure Blockchain Workbench – a technology for distributed register operation. The Workbench automates the fine-tuning of the applications infrastructure and thus significantly reduces the development period. Microsoft expects to be able to develop such applications within just a week where earlier, without the Azure, it would have taken several months. Already today, Workbench collaborates with such organisations as the UN, Cornell University, Nestle and Apttus.

Four MIT students and a Michelin chef have opened Spyce restaurant in Boston, (Ma.) fully served by robots. Customers can order menu dishes on the touch screen displays and the robots will prepare and serve them. The kitchen is complete with 7 stand-alone blocks that prepare various foods. The blocks are connected by dispensing and drum systems. As soon as a dish is ready it goes to dispensing and the customer can take it. Only two people work at the restaurant, they monitor food preparation and do plating. Restaurant critics have rated the food as rather tasty.