Serial production of the ecological bus from Mercedes-Benz will start next year. Car producer plans to launch mass production of electrical city buses with zero emissions and low noise levels. The engineers have improved the bestseller Citaro. One of the features of a fully electric-powered bus will be a completely new climate control and temperature control system that reduces energy consumption. Now the company is testing the new vehicle in the most difficult conditions: for instance, the prototypes were successfully tested at lowest Arctical temperatures and in the hot summer of Spanish Sierra Nevada.

US branch of the charity organization “Podari zhizn” accepts donations in cryptocurrencies. There is an electronic wallet with the opportunity of transferring several cryptocurrencies on the official website of the project Podari.Life. A donation will be converted into dollars thereafter. The representatives of the fund note they are very close to the idea of cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain technology. It will allow to make the system transparenter and reduce commission for transactions. “Podari zhizn” is the first Russian fund using the opportunities of advanced technologies.

A few more companies have joined the blockchain consortium R3. The media announced that the number of the project participants reached 60. The companies develop together safe decentralized services for corporate use. The applications base on the platform called Corda, they imply the work with smart contracts and high data safety. The corporations from several industries participate in the consortium, including IT firms and financial institutions.