The largest online store selling precious metals, APMEX, now accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. Representatives of APMEX are confident that this option will be popular with customers. Payment in digital assets reduces the risk of fraud to zero. And this problem is very real for the precious metals sphere. Cryptocurrency will automatically be transferred to dollars every day, excluding periods of volatility. APMEX is offering their customers to take advantage of the new feature and purchase ingots and coins from gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

The space agency NASA plans to use an artificial intelligence based system to study deep space. Experts want to replace radio systems, which are controlled by teams on Earth, with a cognitive radio. It will be able to independently process information about their work and improve upon it. In addition, the performance will be higher since it will not be necessary to wait for people's response. In bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances the cognitive radio will be shut down to avoid damage to the software.

Samsung has filed a patent for a sweater that can recharge devices. The battery is located at waist level and has special sensors on the sleeves. Energy will accumulate from the movement of the hands and the general activity of the wearer. The patent does not say how such smart clothes will handle being washed. The size of the battery is also unknown, but according to media its capacity will be small.