Norway is to build a hotel that will not only produce electricity for themselves, but also export it by 2021. According to the architects the hotel "Svart" at the foot of the Svartisen glacier will be built in the shape of a ring, on iron stilts that run straight into the water. This design is similar to the traditional fishing houses of Norway, which are so popular among tourists.Visitors can additionally admire the unforgettable view of the glacier due to this form of building. Solar panels on the roof of the hotel will generate solar energy. The embodiment of the project was undertaken by the company Arctic Adventure of Norway (Norway).

Fujitsu announced the opening of a center of blockchain research in Brussels (Belgium). Smart cities will be the main research field. In accordance to the company's data in 30 years more than 60% of the population of the world cities will live in cities that will need smart solutions in social space, logistics, economics and ecology. The company believes that new research will help improve the business model and the company's security.

A new processor for laptops was presented by Intel. Processors of the 8th generation are based on the Coffee Lake platform and 14 nm ++ process technology. Creators promise that games performance will increase by more than 40%. In addition it will be possible to mount 4K video at 60% faster than the previous generation. The new Intel Core i9-8950HK will have 6 cores and 12 threads. In laptops it will be already unlocked. If you turn on turbo mode, the processor frequency can reach 4.8 GHz.