Samsung introduced  its new attitude to utilization of old devices. The company representatives believe obsolete smartphones are still valid from the technical point of view and they can be used in other areas. For instance, Samsung developers have presented a farm for mining cryptocurrencies made of forty Galaxy S5 phones. For these purposes  a specially developed software was installed on the smartphones. According to the engineers the efficiency of this facility is several times higher than a one of a standard PC. The project Upcycling calls for taking care for the environment and reuse working devices.  

IBM Corporation implements advanced technologies into american healthcare system. Together with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention the company develops a blockchain system able to store and process medical data of US patients. The artificial intelligence will be also integrated into the platform that will help to systemize and analyze incoming data. The developers believe the technologies will allow to create a home health systems in the near future and they can be easily used just like the system Smart home.      

WhatsApp has now a long awaited function. Users can now fully delete messages from the history. It’s possible only during seven minutes after sending the message. You can delete a message both in a private and in a group chat. The novelty is already available  for owners on the latest versions of the messenger.