End of November will see the release of the new album of the world known singer Bjork and it can be bought in exchange of a digital currency. It will be possible to select a payment method on the signers website. You will be able to purchase the album for fiat money or for one of the cryptocurrencies offered. The artist has conducted a partnership agreement with the blockchain startup Blockpool. According to the representatives of the company it is the first large scale project in the history of the musical industry and the team expects to transform the industry with the assistance of the advanced technologies.

Blockchain is being used now in corporate insurance. German company Allianz has presented its testing blockchain platform that will help companies get insurance for themselves and its affiliates. The representatives of Allianz are sure the new system will significantly simplify the work of the clients because it solves the issue of multiple levels of legal approvals.

Facebook Messenger will be soon incorporated into websites. The developers of the company has presented the plug-in Customer Chat, that will allow corporate clients to use the opportunities of the messenger on their platforms in form of a built-in chat. A messenger history will be saved by switching from a web version to mobile devices. Moreover users can pay for their purchases and work with different content. The platform messenger 2.2 is now tested on selected companies, other companies can apply for a participation.