Japan plans to join NASA and Roskosmos in a joint construction of the near-moon station Deep Space Gateway. Japanese astronauts plan to land on the surface of the Moon in the next decade. The orbital station will conduct research. Moreover, it will become an intermediate point during future flights to Mars. According to Japanese officials this international project will allow to develop space industry in the country and to obtain more scientific data.

Samsung department SDS starts to develop blockchain platforms for the government of Seoul. Seoul expects to introduce the technology within five years of the project in particular in the areas like charity, transportation and public safety. Samsung SDS is to introduce safe solutions based on the distributed register which will improve the quality of life of citizens  and make Seoul one of the leading megapolises of the world.

Twitter is testing new a function: users of the mobile version will be able to instantly transfer important publications to a separate folder. Developers still give no comments on this news but western media claim the section "Bookmarks" will appear on Twitter in the very near future.