The Prince Harry and Megan Markle will receive the most unusual gift for their wedding. By May 19, 2018, the day of their wedding the Royal Coin (ROYAL) will be released which is based on the blockchain. The money received from the pre-sales, as well as from ICO will not go to the benefit of the royal family, but to the three charitable foundations chosen by the Kensington Palace. Crown & Country magazine will manage the coin. It also covers the history of the royal family, both past and present.

Norway is to operate the world's first shipping company using autonomous vessels from August 2018. Massterly was formed by the merger of the other two companies: Wilhelmsen and Kongsberg. The first ship of the Yara Birkeland company is under development now and by 2020 it will become autonomous vessel with an electric motor. Massterly will not only deal with shipbuilding and development, but also with the management and logistics systems development. The use of autonomous vessels is planned not only in the waters of Norway, but also for international operation.

The beginning of April was marked by the orbit launch of the robber scavenger RemoveDERBIS, which was developed by scientists from the University of Surrey in England.  On April 4, the Falcon-9 booster with a robot on board docked with the international station. This was an experimental launch, but in the future, scientists hope to improve the ways of collecting and recycling space debris. Now the first ways of capturing garbage are tested. The robot exposes the network for catching inappropriate objects in space; shoots a harpoon to move debris into the dense layers of the atmosphere; sets the sail on the drifting wreckage - as a result, the speed of movement of the wreckage decreases, it descends from orbit and burns in the atmosphere.