One of the Russian financial organizations has conducted for the first time an operation with the use of the technology of blockchain. The deal was done on the base of Hyperledger Fabric, Sberbank has conducted it  together with Alpha-bank. A test payment transaction for the amount of 1 million rubles was accomplished through the client web application. The representatives of Sberbank note blockchain accelerated the operation dozens of times and allowed to track the money transfer in a real time mode. As soon as the blockchain platform will be legalized, it will be available for all clients of the bank.

Google developers introduced an application based on artificial intelligence that will protects the owner from prying eyes. With assistance of a frontal camera the application is able to detect in 2 milliseconds when an outsider looks at your gadget screen. You will be notified straight away. Google plans to install the platform on Pixel smartphones for a while, but soon it will be available for all devices on Android.

YouTube launches an option “Stories” by analogy with Instagram and Snapchat. The difference between short videos of the video hosting is that they will not self-destruct in a day, but remain in the profile. In addition, the Reels function will not be available to everyone: only members of the YouTube Community, with more than 10,000 subscribers, can use it. For short stories of up to 30 seconds, YouTube offers a variety of filters and stickers, as well as the ability to impose music and add text.