American Patent Office considers the application from Google for registration of smart glasses of the new generation.  Unlike Google Glass the glasses will be very similar to sunglasses, micro LED panels will be built in the lenses. All the electronic software will be located in arches and rims. The media suggests Google will equip the invention with controllers, speakers, wireless communication, control chips and cameras.  A user will be able to see all the data right before his eyes and will not need to use any additional devices. It is expected the corporation will get the patent for the development in the near future.  

Several energy giants have teamed up to develop a platform based on the blockchain technology. It should replace paperwork on favor of smart contracts. The system makes all trading operations more secure, fast and efficient and can help save money of corporations. Such international banks like Societe Generale, ABN Amro, ING, energy companies like Shell, Statoil and British Petroleum as well as trading companies have already announced the participation in the project. The release of the beta version of the  platform is scheduled to the end of the next year.

IBM company suggested to use blockchain sources for  sale marijuana in Canada. Now the authorities of one of the provinces of the country are at the stage of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. IBM representatives believe the transparency of the technology will allow to control merchants and the quality of the products. And that will not only support buyers’ interests but also help the state fight illegal dealers.