NASA received funding for new projects. A significant portion of $ 20 billion that NASA will have available for 2018 will be used to develop SLS and Orion spacecraft. They are created within the framework of a project that will allow astronauts to travel not only to the Moon, but also to Mars, and in the future to other celestial bodies of the Solar System.

Ford has applied for a patent for the creation of blockchain technology for communication between cars. The main task for such communication between vehicles is to fight traffic jams. With assistance of the new technology cars will exchange transactions and jointly solve road problems during traffic jams: they will give way, rebuild in lines, etc. Cars that give way and thereby facilitate movement will receive tokens from other vehicles.

Elon Musk has an idea for a new development of The Boring Company. Now these are design cubes with a size of a real brick. The cubes will be made of tunnel stones using a technology similar LEGO bricks creation. Elon Musk plans to make them suitable not only for stone sculptures, but also for real buildings. The entrepreneur assures that they are able to withstand seismic loads, at least in California.