Graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began to receive diplomas registered using distributed registry technology. MIT has become one of the first educational institutions to integrate blockchain into their work. Graduates in the future will be able to quickly confirm their educational certificates while at the same time reducing the risk of counterfeit documents.

Developers of the social network Facebook have added a new feature: another line of news “Explore Feed”. In the Russian version, the tab was called "Interesting". It is formed on the basis of user preferences, similar subscriptions, likes of his friends, and geolocation. With the help of this innovation, they hope to keep users even longer on the social network site and open a new source of monetization. Advertisers will soon be able to publish their content in this stream. In addition, company representatives say that the “Explore Feed” will help to overcome the "filter bubble" in which the user finds himself when he forms his own newsfeed and does not see any alternative sources.

Elon Musk introduced a spacecraft and a spacesuit for flights to Mars. The founder of SpaceX promised that the test flights of the spaceship will begin in a few months and the first mission with a crew will go to the red planet in 2024. The Dragon will deliver people to Mars in about one month and it will provide all the necessary amenities and entertainment for its passengers. With the help of new inventions, Musk plans to carry out his grandiose project: to found a city with a million people on Mars.