Russian businessman and founder of the telegram messenger, Pavel Durov, told the media about how he invested in cryptocurrency several years ago. Four years ago he bought Bitcoins worth $1.5 million and now the asset price has risen to $35 million. Durov noted that he sees great potential in virtual money and considers it to be "digital gold".

Apple buys Shazam, a music recognition application. It determines the name of the song by listening to the audio or video file through the microphone of a smartphone. Shazam is now in the top list of downloads in the AppStore and on Google Play. For Apple Music, this acquisition will become a competitive advantage over another well-known music service - Spotify. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed yet, but according to experts it is around $400 million.

The rental service Airbnb will use VR- and AR-technologies for viewing apartments and houses. Users of the service will not only be able to see the 3D photos of the listing, but also to walk around the house in a virtual mode. In addition, with the help of new functions the owners will be able to show the tenants important information. For example: where the keys are or how to use the appliances. It is still unknown when the project will go live.