Asus has introduced a new motherboard which will allow miners to install 20 video cards that can work simultaneously. The H370 Mining Master is an updated version of last year's motherboard B250 Mining Expert, which you can connect 19 video cards to. The H370 board will monitor the status of each card and display the necessary information to the user. The maximum amount of RAM that can be installed is 64 GB, which is distributed between two slots. The board has 2 SATA ports at 6 GB/sec, 6 USB 3.1 and 4 USB 2.0, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Asus promised to start selling it this fall. At this time the price remains unknown.

The U.N. and China are working on a project that would allow astronauts and researchers of any country to be on the Chinese space station. Work on the legal component of the project has been ongoing for 2 years. According to the Space Treaty of 1967, space is an international zone. It is this agreement that the Chinese Ambassador, Shi Zhongjun, refers to at the U.N. meetings on space station issues. The Chinese authorities want to create an international space that would ensure effective work on space exploration, exchange of experience, and international cooperation in the field of space technologies. Work on the international station is planned to begin as soon as 2022. China hopes that by this time there will be many people who wish to visit the station.

Tesla and Australia will work together on a grand project to create the largest lithium-ion battery. They plan to build a power plant in southern Australia that will process and store solar energy. Several companies are ready to implement the idea immediately. Among them: the electricity generation platform, JERA (Japan), which subsequently plans to transfer the technology to Japan; Fluence (America), which is a subsidiary of Siemens; and Lyon Group (Australia). Three power plants will be built in total by 2019, with a total capacity of 550 MW. Electricity will be stored in lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 100 MW. Australian authorities plan to reduce the cost of generating electricity with the help of solar power.