The standard 5G has finally been approved. It will allow you to increase download speed by one hundred times. With its help, it will be possible to combine connected devices into the ecosystem: from smart homes and drones to virtual reality helmets. The 3GPP group which develops specifications for mobile telephones believes that the new standard will be useful for both mobile devices and for entire nations. Experts from “Futurism” believe that 5G is not so much needed for consumers as it is for large corporations and even for governments.

With the help of the new standard of communication drones will be able to communicate with each other. Gadgets that are controlled by artificial intelligence will work directly with the network, without the need to connect to a central processor. In order for consumers to be able to use 5G, they will need to purchase devices that support this standard and also be in a coverage area. For this, old telecommunications stations equipment and towers should be replaced. But China is trying to win this race: in Hangzhou the government announced the construction of three hundred 5G towers by the end of 2018.

A blockchain incubator has been set up in France where beginners will be able to find financial support, get advice for an ICO release, or improve their technology. It is hoped that “Chain Accelerator” will help make Paris the world capital of ICO's.

To achieve this status, the government has also reduced taxes on crypto-currency transactions made by non-professional traders to 19%, from an initial rate of 49%. Nicholas Cantu, one of the founders of the blockchain incubator, is confident that the Paris network will bring together the best professionals to develop a blockchain for all sectors, not just for business.

There are more and more gadgets with the message of "for mining", and the new electric bike “Toba” from 50cycles is no exception. Of course, it can't be compared to a real mining farm, but after a distance of about 1.6 km the user will receive a token worth $27.

The company promises that their tokens can be transferred to any other cryptocurrency or spent on other products from 50cycles. It's true that in order to "make money" riding it will be necessary to travel tens of kilometers a day, but such a system is useful for the consumer. After all, by using the product they receive not just bonus points, but real money. And it's a healthy physical activity.