As part of the Blockchain 2020 Dubai strategy, development of a unified blockchain registry for business has been launched in collaboration with IBM. Dubai Blockchain will be part of the Smart Dubai strategy and involves the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. The plan is to use it to create a Unified Commercial Registry (UCR) which will be used as a repository of data about companies. Blockchain will enable every network participant to have access to any changes about companies. This will create a transparent business space as well as easing business investment. The Blockchain 2020 Dubai strategy is designed to make the city a centre of technology and comfortable business.

Birmingham University scientists have found a way to fight acritochromacy or colour blindness. A special treatment for contact lenses has been created capable of enhancing contrast between the blue, the green and the red colours, which enables the eye of the colour-blind person to better differentiate between the colours. There has been no easy and inexpensive way of correcting this defect and colour-blind people had to use special glasses, VR helmets and computer programs. New lenses have been clinically tested and proved effective. Further on, it will also be possible to use a special contact lens coating for regular glasses.

Disney and MIT have taken another step towards immersion in virtual reality.  In collaboration, they have created a special jacket which can reproduce to the user a variety of physical sensations from what is happening in the game. Pressure, hug, punch from coming into contact with things and even a snake slithering up your leg – all these can be experienced due to multiple airbags built into the fabric. The computer will transmit information about the kind of interaction and part of the body involved to special sensors and will activate the airbags. The main disadvantage of the device is its weight - 2 kilos is a bit too heavy, especially for kids. The date of the VR jacket release has not been announced yet.