Sydney University tests blockchain, the capacity of which is much higher than that of the payment system Visa. The australian researchers announced their development  Red Belly Blockchain can make 700 transactions per second, in the same time the technologies of financial institutions are able to make over 55 thousands, and the Bitcoin network is capable of 7 transactions only.  Operations are made in the data center on 300 machines. The developers believe such speed and efficiency can fully transform the world economy.

Android users can now use a new payment system Pay with Google. It already functions in the applications of such companies like DoorDash, KAYAK, Papa John’s, Airbnb, Gametime and others. The service allows to choose a credit card linked to a Google account and fills in all users data by itself. Pay with Google is applicable for web versions of shops in Google browser. The platform does not charge any additional commissions.

The social network Instagram has a new function, an opportunity to make group live videos. The host can add another participant from those watching the broadcast. In that case the screen is divided into two parts and other users can further comment the online broadcasting and give their “Likes”. The function was tested from August, now it’s officially available for iOS and Android gadgets.