Not so long ago we only heard about the bots that flooded social networks. We learned that these are just "lifeless" pages on the Internet, created by the program. That bots are used in DDoS and DoS attacks on computers connected to the Internet. That there are malicious bots that spread information, most often of an advertising nature. But now there is a new trend - useful and "chatty" bots.

Already they are able to do a lot, for example, to communicate in messengers like people. They are called chatbots.


From the history of the question

Her name was Elisza. She became the first chat-bot on the Earth. The program was written back in 1966 by the professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joseph Weizenbaum. Eliza was so elegantly communicating with the counterpart that she could even mislead hi, not everyone understood what they were talking with the machine.

After the experiment was considered successful, Eliza's improved analogues began to spread. In the 90s of the twenty’s century, a Turing test was developed, which, incidentally, is still used today. It helps to distinguish the chatbot from the person. However, in 2014, for the first time in history, artificial intelligence passed the Turing test.


Вернемся в наши дни

A chatbot is basically a program helping solve different tasks. For instance, you are waiting for a delivery and would like to trace it. Many contact post to get such information. And it is very tedious task for a post stuff to answer all such inquiries but a chatbot is always ready to help.

Chatbot are not only ready to act act on a predefined algorithm but also to learn. they remember previous commands and analyze them. They are able to recognize faces and voices, set geolocation. All these qualities make them very popular on the modern economy market. Here are some of areas where chatbots will be used very actively in the nearest future.


A chatbot will help make an appointment or call a doctor. It will help you learn your tests results or assist you by understanding the medicine prescribed. For instance, it may help you find the closest drug store where you can buy medicine you need, provide you information with its price and annotation.


All bank operations we spend our time on, can be performed by bots. And they can do this job faster and better. They can block or activate the card, exchange currency, transfer money, extend the contract.

Municipal services

There are so many big and small accidents in the public housing sector. Bot can increase the consumer loyalty. They can quickly send phone messages with apologies, for example, if the house is cut off electricity, and at the same time will notify the cause and the estimated time of elimination of the problem. And another chatbot can deliver invoices for services, make payments, check debts or accept requests for repairs.


The problem of most consumers of this service sector is that they are often not sure of their choice. And a bot can help create a new look, discuss the latest trends and advise a hairstyle that will suit a particular client.


There are many platforms for entrepreneurs decided to use chatbots in their business which help with the development. Here is a list of the proven platforms. is a program platfrom from Google. It has two tafirs - premium and free. It is integrated with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Slack.

Chatfuel — is one of the first free chatbot constructors for Facebook and Telegram. It has up to 100 thousand of monthly visits. It has a customer friendly functionality. You will less than 10 minutes to project the launch of a simple chatbot. There is a built-in instrument for natural speech recognition. is another service for creating chatbots. It has several features: hosting of chatbots, allowing to manage databases, option to connect to analytical services (for instance Google Analytics), natural speech recognition. A free plan includes up to 500 monthly visits.

The development of artificial intelligence allows business owners to use chatbots in various fields of activity. Now this is the most promising direction in E-commerce. consumers also like chatbots. Now you do not need to stand in the queues for a long time in the help desk or mke daily calls in order to get the necessary information. Many companies are already using chat rooms for selling and collecting information about potential consumers of services, for advertising their products and for getting customers feedback.