Hitecher, an internet media outlet has published today an article by PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt «Inflation in the cryptocurrency world — an end to financial stability?»

Hitecher is a popular science on-line media outlet that covers developments in science, engineering and technologies. Hitecher daily offers its readers news, long reads and analytics — the most interesting news about technological breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, blockchain and cryptocurrencies — all this in a very simple way. By the way, one of the portal’s latest articles explains in detail how to work in the BitForex cryptocurrency exchange where PLC is now traded.

Alex Reinhardt told Hitecher whether a cryptocurrency could be a silver bullet against inflation and explained the principles of PLATINCOIN’s operation. He gave a detailed account of what distinguishes PLC from the other coins — its business model is of great importance and well as the unique combination of the technological features and the attributes of a conventional cryptocurrency and stable coins.

But he emphasized the core advantage of our crypto system — PLATINCOIN’s active community and its ultimate role in driving step-by-step growth of the PLC rate.

«PLATINCOIN’s key advantage lies in its step-by-step growth. This means that there may be some volatility, the rate can fluctuate but it will be within one step. Transition to the next step protects the coin from volatility. The coin grows with the community and enjoys its support.»

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