It was a millions dream to buy stuff while lying on the couch. Today it doesn’t impress anyone anymore. It is projected that in the near future retail pavilions where you can touch goods will become the rarest thing.

Just try to imagine the retail totally changed only in 25 years gaining new leaders and heroes. If you are an online buyer and you are, you shall have your internet market favorites. Let’s check our lists.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The biggest is the biggest online retailer and one of the oldest internet platforms in the world with a seat in Seattle.

The online portal was launched in 1995. And today its capitalization reached $163 billion.

Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, China buy here all, from pens to tyres. But Amazon is interesting not by this but by his role in the history. his creators were the first who could understand and realize benefits of global network: great audience wants to buy everything in one place.

And once, less than 25 years ago, the buyer could finally have a great variety of goods in one place and it was Amazon. The assortment was not limited by any retail storage place how it previously was.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The most growing

Not a single online retail shop in the world is growing with such speed as AliExpress is. Chinese Corporation Alibaba Group is the owner of this platform with market capitalization of $266 billion. The company also owns the biggest business platform

People say that everything is made in China: clothes and electronics, perfume and cosmetics, tools and sport equipment. And all these you can purchase in bulks or retail. That means you can not only chose something for yourself but also make a small business using the big scale of AliExpress.

The main benefit of AliExpress is that the seller can’t receive money for a good before the good will be delivered at your place. There is a system on the website that secures the interest of the buyers and guarantees money payback.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The biggest internet auction is the biggest online retail platforms. It was launched in USA in 1995, the golden year for online retail. But it’s not only just a retailer and his place in the history of online retail was secured not only by its sales volumes.

The users appreciate the online retailer that they can not only buy but also sell new or used goods, antiques, electronics and also choose among a direct sale or an auction.

You can buy on eBay stuff you have no idea about. For instance an armour for guinea pig. This lot was gone for 1150 US dollar. But if you are in need the manufacture can produce another armor to order.


The most successful online retailers of the world

Online store of the biggest retailer

Walmart is another internet giant from USA with market capitalization of $239 billion. The website belongs to the biggest retail chain in the world established already in 1962. The chain includes over 10 thousand retail stores in 27 countries.

You can find almost everything in this online retail store: car parts, children clothes, food and health items, white and black goods. And the biggest part of assortment is being sold with minimum prices close to wholesale prices. But the website differs from his competitor by something else.

Walmart leads in technology implementation, for instance application of RFID (radio frequency identification) tags in trade. These special stickers can store data written on them with radio signal. This is very convenient for a precise and quick logistic management, delivery and storage services. But not all customers agree with usage of RFDI tags: “What if they send signals with our data to CIA or aliens?”


The most successful online retailers of the world

The biggest clothing retailer

American company Gap Inc. is not only the biggest US clothing retailer but also the owner of the second biggest clothing retail chain in the world. The headquarter of the company is in San-Bruno, California.

Company founders Doris and Donald Fisher always had great instincts. In 1969 they opened a shop in the building of San Francisco theater. If you could time travel to 1969 what would you buy in States? Levi’s jeans and musical plates? So, that was an assortment of the first Fisher shop.

Since 1974 Gap started to sell private label goods. Then the company bought and launched several other brands, opened over 3000 retail shops across the world. In 1997 the website was launched and the sales of only one of Gap brands reached the turnover of 1 billion dollar. Since that time the company is leading internet fashion market.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The friendliest one is one of the biggest US online retailers with the annual turnover of over one billion dollar. The name comes from the spanish word zapato (a shoe).

“Shoes are being sold there” figured out spanish speaking buyers in 1999 when was launched. But there are not only shoes, but also clothes, bags, accessories, W&B there. Initially the shop was mentioned to be an online shoe retailer. The buyer could not only choose a model, color, price, brand and size, but also define foot width and arches heigh. There are also special categories of goods for undersized or very tall people, overweight or very skinny.

But the main benefit of this store is an almost perfect service. Almost because there is nothing perfect in this world. But Zappos serves clients around a clock on the daily basis, the customer can return the goods during the whole year and platform’s discount division has sales up to 75%.

The company CEO Tony Shay has written a book about his creation. It is called “Delievering the happiness”. Now it is a bestseller in the category of business literature.

These all are little pleasant things but combined together they make 75% of first time buyers to regular customers.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The mostly niche

Can you imagine a family producing for generations cosy and beautiful wool things. And does not expand the range of goods. They sell wool stuff only. Can it grow to a big company and become one of the most popular online retailers in the world? Yes of course. And if you doubt we advise you to visit the english online store

The secret of success of WoolOvers is in a very high quality of goods. Their goods are made from cashmere, britain wools, merino and lamb wool, sometimes with addition of natural cotton and silk. Clothing design is also very important. And the clothes are wash machine safe.

So even is the smaller scaled niche cannot be imagined, WoolOvers products are ordered from Western Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


The most successful online retailers of the world

The most luxury

The english shop Net-a-Porter is a luxury online retailer. All collections of the top brands in one catalogue where you can buy them right away and with delivery. Who could resist? Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Prada – these are the famous fashion houses where fashion masterpieces are born. And these masterpieces you can see on catwalks and on starts walking them on the red carpet. And all this treasure you can easily purchase on internet. And not the outdated collections but the brand new ones.

At the beginning this online retail store did not fit into the scripts of high fashion. It was assumed for a long time that internet purchases are made mostly by people looking for sales and options to save. And Net-a-Porter was initially built for online sale of high-end goods.

When the company founder Natalie Massne was sharing her thoughts with her friends, no one believed in her idea. But Natalie committed to the idea of raising awareness of high fashion did not retreat. And in 2000 she launched in London the website for wealthy fans of latest fashion.

The pages of the website look like covers of fashion magazines and it is not a coincidence. The idea of Natalia was to combine traditional benefits of fashion magazines with modern internet technologies. Now Net-a-Porter offers the latest collections of women clothing of over 400 biggest world brands. Men clothing, shoes and accessories can be purchased on the daugther website of the company called Mr.Porter.сom.

Net-a-Porter platform, branded packaging design, customer service – all that meet high standards. The company founder still manages the firm, but the service is owned by Swiss holding Richemont bought it in 2010. The deal amounted to $343 million.

So we see that the secret of success of an online retail store is not that difficult. You have to care about your customers and somehow differ from the competitors.


And what online retail stores do you like?