What does your imagination tell you, what pictures come to your mind when you think about Dubai? Do you think about “A thousand and one nights,” the treasures of Harun al-Rashid, magnificent palaces, azure water and sun? This is a wonderful picture, but it lacks relevance. Dubai is associated today with progress and, above all, with progressive business-oriented legislation for the finance and hi-tech world.

Why Dubai is now the new capital of IT business

Technological transformation

There are recently built cities and the advanced technologies are implemeneted there from the project stage. And among those cities with a decade-long history none can compete with Dubai. The Internet of things, blockchain, hyperloop projects, 3D printing, self-driving vehicles and flying machines, robotics and applications based on artificial intelligence are all actively and almost universally applied. Since mid-2017 you can meet the ideal guardian of the order, a robot policeman on the streets of the city.

Why Dubai is now the new capital of IT business

The city is developing according to a strategic program called Smart Dubai 2021. Smart cars already drive on clever roads, and their traffic is controlled by smart traffic lights. Virtually all urban services and institutions are equipped with high-speed Internet and are interconnected. The digital transformation of Dubai in 2021 should result in a complete transition to the electronic government, all government services and operations will be paperless, non-cash and online.

At the same time, a cybersecurity strategy has been adopted in Dubai, and a great work is being done to develop effective methods that can secure the safe storage and use of electronic information.

Why Dubai is now the new capital of IT business

The policy of happiness

The progress in Dubai is not implemented simply by the principle “the more, the better.” The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the vice-president and the prime minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai, considers the technology to be not only the purpose, but only the development aid. The sheikh has chosen another dream: to make Dubai the happiest city on earth. The technologies making the life comfortable and processes faster and more efficient should implement this dream.

Why Dubai is now the new capital of IT business

“Our goal is to help residents and guests achieve happiness in their daily lives. To do this, Dubai must be a successful smart city, using digital innovations in all endeavors,” – it was this idea that became key at the November Annual Meeting of Global Councils for the Future in Dubai.

Technological transformation of the city is called: “Politics of Happiness”. Wealth and prosperity in Dubai has the leading role among the important aspects of happiness.

There are a lot of people engaged in technological improvement and transition from oil economy to digital in the United Arab Emirates. President of the UAE Khalifa bin Zayyid al-Nahyan believes that innovation, education and scientific and technological development are the key to creating an economy of knowledge that will enable subsequent generations to live in a prosperous and safe society. So the ruler of Dubai is certainly not alone in his plans. By the way, the rapid transition to digital services instead of the usual service in government agencies has already helped the Dubai government save $ 1.17 billion over last 15 years.

Business and investment paradise

Try to imagine: you have an interesting business idea, and, having made only the first step to its implementation, you find out that everything around literally helps you, starting from government officials to banks. How would you call such a world – a paradise for businessmen and investors? In fact, this place already has a name – Dubai.

One of the main directions of the long-term strategy of the UAE government is the creation of a universally favorable environment in the country. And if the UAE is among the world leaders in creating a business infrastructure and loyal legislation, then Dubai is the leader among the emirates. The position of the state here is as follows: it is necessary to simplify the life of city entrepreneurs by providing the most accessible and convenient digital services for starting a business. And simplification of rules and business support further strengthen Dubai’s position as an innovative and investment center.

UAE Minister of Economy Abdullah Sultan bin Said al-Mansuri is proud of the fact that more than 500 foreign corporations are deploying their business in the country, and within 10 years their volume has exceeded $ 100 billion. Indeed, there is something to be proud of.

Among the factors that make the Emirates so attractive to investors, only the geographical position was given to the country, as they say, “from the birth.” Indeed a high level of infrastructure development in the region and a preferential tax regime for investors and corporations that transfer their business to the Emirates make the UAE and especially Dubai an investment heaven.

Why Dubai is now the new capital of IT business

The government of the UAE and Dubai could already rest on their laurels, but they continue to improve the investment environment, relieving foreign investors from bureaucratic obstacles and increasingly working to protect the rights and interests of foreign investors.

The country of oil wealth does not want to depend more on oil, and the government is quite consciously working to become the center of confluence of minds, ideas and money from around the world within the next 50 years. For this purpose, an optimal business environment for businessmen, investors and professionals from various industrial spheres is created in the UAE, and especially in Dubai.