Blockchain is a revolutionary technology for storing and transmitting data representing the next generation of Internet. It has enormous potential for any business, society and individually for each person, and also, it will have the greatest influence on the global economy in the next decade.

If the Internet is a repository of information, blockchain is the Internet of values that can be stored in a global distributed register. Such register cannot be forged or circumvented, as everyone can check it and no one can change anything in it. It is just brilliant technology!

With PLATINCOIN you can have a sustainable 30% yield per annum for the next 10 years with daily payments (MINTING). Minting is a form of mining coins that requires the use of a special Power MINTER software. Coins are extracted in it from those coins that a user already owns and has uploaded to the Power MINTER.

PLATINCOIN cryptocurrency (PLC) is a blockchain “product” and digital currency created to address online payment issues. PLATINCOIN means 100% transparent and secure transactions, high speed and anonymity, 7/24/365, a low entry threshold and integration of cryptocurrencies into people's real lives.

Platincoin is present on several popular platforms, such as Coinsbit; there are plans to get listed on other exchanges in the near future

The transaction speed is up to 170-180 per second. The same indicator for Bitcoin is now 7, for Ethereum - 20, for Dash - 48, Litecoin - 56, Bitcoin Cash - 60, PayPal - 193, Ripple - 1500, Visa - 24,000. Moreover, SegWit protocol is implemented in PLATINCOIN’s blockchain allowing for block increase up to 8 MB.

You can find technical information on PLATINCOIN's blockchain in " About Us - Technical Details" section

Its source code is at GitHub

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