1. During the registration, the user gives his consent to the conclusion of the agreement with the company. The conclusion of the agreement is possible with a legal entity, partnership or natural person, if he/she/the representative of the legal entity is over 18 years old, who is an entrepreneur according to the current legislation and has the right to conduct business activities.

2. The user has the right to own only one account (the user has the right to occupy only one position in the commissions payment procedure; it is prohibited to circumvent this rule by registering as a natural person and additionally as a legal person or a partnership).

3. The user has no right to sell or transfer his/her account to another person. (Exception in clause 4)

4. Platin Genesis may provide written permission for transfer of account ownership in accordance with the law or by special request.

5. In order to withdraw the commissions and PLC, the user must be verified.

6. Relatives and spouses being in the same structure can not use the same residence address during the verification of the account, the address must be different.

7. The user cannot change his/her sponsor.