If you have access to the wallet, you can generate it again. If you do not have access to the wallet, unfortunately, we will not be able to help you. You create you transport PIN code yourself when generating the private key. We do not save this information, and therefore, we cannot recover it. It is the area of your personal responsibility to store such information. Please be careful and keep you data in a secure place.

PLCs transfer to the wallet may take a few days.

A user can have any number of wallets, but PLCs from the dashboard can only be transferred to the Main Wallet.

In our block explorer at https://platincoin.info/#/

Min. 0.001 PLC and please note that it is you who decides who will pay the commission fee!

Windows Version 7 32/64 or above Android Version 4 and above MAC above Version 10

You can export your private key after the installation. To do that, go to SETTINGS - private key export. You will have to enter your transport PIN code again, whereupon you will be able to save your private key.

New wallets that have just been created and have no transactions will not be displayed in the block explorer. You will see your wallet and information about it as soon as at least one transaction will be made to your address.

No, with the change of your PIN code, only the application or programme startup code will change. Neither your address for receiving PLCs, nor your private key will change.

A transport PIN code is the PIN code used to import your key (should you need to export your wallet to a different device, for example) A regular PIN code is the access code to start the PLC Wallet program.

The private key is generated on your device and will be available to you as you have installed your PLC Wallet, as well as from the menu "Settings – Private key export”. You can save it both graphically (as a QR code), or as a DAT file, if you are using the PLC Wallet desktop version of for Windows.

During the installation, you will have to think up and remember a transport PIN code and an access PIN code. You will need a transport PIN code for imports from your wallet to another device and access PIN code will protect your wallet from unauthorized access.

Once your PLC Wallet has been installed you can find the address for receiving PLCs into it in the "Receive" section as a text or QR code.

PLC Wallet is required to store, receive and transfer PLCs. PLC Wallets are available for various operating systems, they can be downloaded and installed from our website.

That's all right. It is still valid, but try not to confuse one with the other.

The programme will automatically check for updates each time it starts. Whenever it finds some, you will see a notice suggesting that you update your software.

No, but you can use one wallet on all your devices (win, mac, android)

Yes, this is the first thing you will get when creating a new wallet.

You can do it using the Payout procedure in your dashboard

You can download wallets from the main page of our website at https://platincoin.com/ru/#wallets, or if you are a registered user, from the "Wallet" section in your dashboard

In the wallets for WIN and MAC, the version is shown in the top line of the programme window; for Android-based application, you can find the version in the application settings.