We apologize for any inconvenience. The 20-minute time-out between operations is a safety measure.

Upon completion of this time period, you can make another purchase.

You cannot purchase products for third parties - the contributor and the recipient must be the same person. There are several exceptions to this rule:

- parents purchasing products for their children;

- spouses purchasing products for each other;

- companies purchasing products for their employees.

Yes, you can purchase the Double Minter pack with PLC.

DEBIT can only be used to purchase products using the funds deposited via bank transfer.

DEBIT - the total sum of funds transferred into the system through a bank transfer, equivalent to euros. DEBIT funds can only be used towards package purchases.

CASH — это внутренний баланс пользователя, эквивалентный евро, формирующийся из всех бонусов. На него можно приобретать продукты компании.

FIAT - funds used to purchase a pack through an active payment system, excluding bank transfers.

If more than 24 hours have passed since your payment (or more than 7 business days in the case of a bank transfer), please get in touch with our support service.

Our company does not charge additional fees at checkout. For information on other payment systems, please get in touch with them directly.

The maximum purchase amount for each account is 100 000 euros.

Yes. Simply select Bitcoin as your payment type.

You can make payments using various payment systems: Advcash, Sofort Banking, Bitcoin, bank transfer, or PLC.