Photos must meet the following requirements:

- Document photo/scan must be clear, easily readable with no glare.

- Document must be visible in its entirety, without any cropping.

- Any text/numbers in the document must be readable and unobstructed.

- The document must feature an original stamp.

- Photos must not be made in a mirror.

- Photos must include real documents. We do not accept screenshots.

- The entire document must be visible, without any obstruction from fingers or other objects.

- Photos must have a resolution of at least 600x600 px.

- Acceptable photo formats: JPEG, PNG.

1. Photo/scan of the first page of your CIVIL passport or ID Card. If you have a residence permit, please attach a scan/photo of the document for confirmation. Please note that we do not accept foreign passports without a residence permit or another document confirming your permanent residency in another country.

2. Photo of the holder of the passport/ID Card (selfie) with the CIVIL passport/ID Card open to the main page with the photo. You must hold the document by the edge, close to your face. Both your face and the document must be clearly visible; any text, numbers or photos in the document must be readable, without being concealed behind your fingers.

3. Photo/scan of your passport on the page of registration (propiska), or a photo of the other side of your ID Card featuring your residence address.

4. Photo/scan of additional documents made in your name, confirming your registration address: extract from the register of titles to the real estate, utility payments, bank records, tax document, or any other official document. The document must have been issued no more than 3 months ago.

In order to verify your personal cabinet, you need to fill in 2 sections:

1. Passport verification

2. Address verification T

he other sections are not mandatory and can be filled at the discretion of the user.

At present, verification is only available in English. We accept documents in Russian, English, and German. If the information in your document is given in a different language, please attach a notarized translation of your documents into English, German, or Russian, with apostille, together with a copy of your original documents.

We operate in accordance with legislation on the legal circulation of funds. To comply with these laws, we are committed to a thorough verification process. Verified users are users who have provided us with all the required documents. We do not make payouts and PLC transfers available to unverified users.

If you haven't made any mistakes in your profile or attached documents, the entire process should be completed within 1 business day.

Users verification

Verification is the process of checking partner’s personal data (passport, address, telephone, business). Since Platincoin works in accordance with the Legitimate Money Traffic Laws and sticks to the regulations of the FATF, we do this by conducting verification. To be able to purchase a product, withdraw referral (direct) bonuses and PLCs to the wallet the account needs to be verified.

Depending on your country of residence a verification of the personal account requires:

For European Countries:

1. Identification/Passport verification

2. Address verification Other positions are not compulsory and remain up to the partner. For countries outside of Europe: 1. Identification/Passport verification Other positions are not compulsory and remain up to the partner.

The sequence of actions:

1. It is necessary to enter the "Verification" page on the Dashboard (it can be done by clicking on the avatar (photo) in the upper right corner of the personal cabinet and selecting the position - Verification).

2. Fill in all necessary fields in the form and attach the required photos. All as described on the page.

Required documents:

1. Photo/scan of the first page of your CIVIL passport or your National ID Card. If you are living in a foreign country the residence permit is required. Without the residence permit the verification application will be denied. The document should remain valid for at least 6 months.

2. Photo of the passport holder/ID Card (Selfie) with an open civil passport/ID Card on the main page with a photo. You must hold the document by the edge and close to your face. Your face and document must be clearly visible, any text, numbers or photos in the document must be legible and not covered with fingers. Please place the Passport/ID Card on a white sheet on which you write down the following data in Latin letters: - Name - First name - Date of birth - Street - Place of residence with postcode - Country - Current date

3. European citizens only: If your passport/ID card reflects your residential address please upload this in the section for address verification.

4. European citizens only: Photo/scan of additional documents issued in your name and confirming the address of your registration (residence permit): BTI statement, utility bills, bank statement, tax document or any other official document. The date of issue of the document cannot be older than 3 months.

Should your identification document not show your residential address please upload 2 (two) documents to confirm your residential address.

Photo/scan should fulfil the following requirements:

- The photo/scan of the documents must be clear, without glare, legible.

- The document must be visible entirety, not cropped.

- Any text and figures in the document must be legible and not closed by anything.

- On the document there should be an original seal.

- Pictures should not be taken in the mirror.

- No screenshots accepted, only scanned or photographed documents.

- The whole document must be visible and not covered with fingers or other objects.

- The dimension of the photo must be at least 600x600 pixels;

- The size of the photo must not exceed 5 mb;

- Acceptable photo formats: JPEG, PNG.

If you have a problem or questions, please contact support via your Dashboard or from your E-mail address. under: