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No, you can sleep soundly. We make sure to verify each user. In the future, we will provide two-factor authentication.

We have a generous marketing plan including bonuses up to 1 200 000 euros. And that's not even the limit ;)

You have access to 11 levels of linear marketing and a rank bonus. You can find more information in your personal cabinet.

Yes, you can find more information in your personal cabinet after registration.

No, multiple registrations are not allowed.

We operate in most countries in the world, except for the following: Afghanistan, Canada, Gaza Strip, Yemen, Cayman Islands, USA, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, US Minor Outlying Islands, Cuba, Irab, Iraq, Korea.

You can find information about the company registration by clicking on the Impressum button in the 'Company Information' section.

At present, it is impossible to register without a sponsor. You must register through a sponsor's referral link.

1. Register on https://platincoin.com

2. Purchase Power Minter (Select the version of the Power Minter that satisfies your requirements. Select any convenient payment method to purchase it.)

3. Download Farm App and PLC Wallet (Send your coins for minting to the Farm App)

4. Earn and spend coins (New coins can be minted every 23 hours and sent to your main wallet, where you can instantly spend them)