Withdrawing bonuses from your personal account:

To withdraw bonuses from your Dashboard, you need to create a virtual wallet on the ADV Cash platform and then contact our support team. The payout of bonuses is available only to verified partners.

The payout of your available commissions into ADV Cash is possible from 50 Euros upwards.

Please, for payout send us a covering letter:

From the e-mail address you use for your Platincoin-Login

To: support@platin-genesis.com Payout request.

Text of the email: "I, FULL NAME / Refnr (Sponsor Link) / e-mail in the system, apply for payout of commissions amounting X,XXX euros to my AdvCash account: E XXXXXXXXXX Hereby I confirm that the indicated account is mine and only I have access to it. Best Regards, FULL NAME"

If you have a problem or questions, please contact support via your Dashboard or from your e-mail address under: support@platin-genesis.com