Even the most successful entrepreneurs, sales gurus and geniuses of persuasion need a fresh portion of inspiration from time to time. How to sell and to be happy in the same time? Not only sales trainings but also great movies will help puzzle it out. Watch a movie and relax taking an advantage for your business

Pirates of Silicon Valley

USA, 1999

«Good painters copy, great painters steel…»

What an entrepreneur is ready to go for in order to create a breakthrough product? How far does a dream about a perfect product take? How do the greatest corporations begin?

The movie directed by Martyn Burke shows us the beginning of internet entrepreneurship, young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Watch, how ideas change the world.

Glengarry Glen Ross

USA, 1992

«Lie. Deception. Robbery. All in one day»

Business partner competitions are becoming more furious than sword battles. Sales agent are ready to conduct a crime for leads generation. Flames reach their highest point.

All that because of a new business trainer joined the team. He is a master of motivation and persuasion. Watch this brilliant movie directed by James Foley, the Hollywood master and “House of cards” film director, starring Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey.

Sweet November

USA, 2001

«Only one month is needed to change his life forever»

A drama of Pat O’Connor is about love. But the play of Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron makes us see something beyond a simple love story.

Empathy and aggressive marketing. Intrusive advertising and magic of understatement. Work for success and success as a natural part of a happy life.

Boiler Room

USA, 2000

«If you are so smart, where is your money?»

Why some people work hard and hardly make ends meet? And the others earn hundreds of thousands dollars per month. Maybe the second ones are just much smarter than the first ones?

If you think about that and still don’t not have a prompt answer, watch a criminal drama directed by Ben Younger and follow the story how Seth, the movie hero, learns to sell. His example will persuade you that good sales skills are not enough for happiness.

12 Angry Men

USA, 1957

«Life Is In Their Hands — Death Is On Their Minds!»

Do you want to see, how troubleproof methods of persuasion work? Just watch how one jury managed to change the minds of the others in a murder case, simply by brushing away one argument after another.

Methods used by the hero of Henry Fonda will be useful for your business. And the Oscar movies directed by Sidney Lumet will remind you on high standards of the golden era of Hollywood.