Can you imagine just an ordinary person, who used to live just like everybody: he graduated, got a degree, found a job and tried to be approved by his boss. But once he understood he does not want to be under permanent control of other people.

It is not known why it is happened to him, maybe he got sick, went crazy or maybe he simply grew up. Anyway he lets know his relatives and acquaintances: “Starting from today I will decide by myself, when to work, when to rest, whom to listen to and whom not.” And what will the most important people tell him?

— Are you crazy?
— Can you imagine, how big is the risk?
— You will lose everything and starve to death!
— Why others just can live a normal life and you can’t?
— Do you think, there is a better place? No matter where you go, it’s always the same.
— Do you think you are special? Everyone hold it down so you can do it.

And finally:

— You are not a millionaire to start your own business. Where do you plan to find a starting capital?

There is nothing to tell about the previous cues, they are rhetorical. But the last question is worth answering. The classical business indeed requires investment and gives payback after. But there is one exception. And our hero knows about it. Let’s assume, he will tell to his family and friends:

— I will go to network marketing. You can start there from zero anytime.

Oh, what is about to start now. The family will try to dissuade our hero from participating in it. And what is really interesting, people who are the most criticizing network marketing are the people who never tried this business model. Or at most they spent three days for it, didn’t put lot of effort during these three days and as a result did not earn anything.

There are several signs which can reveal a prejudiced man:

  • He demonstrates supremacy with his tone, posture and mimic.
  • He is outraged even if the subject of conversation does not touch him personally.
  • Feelings, sensations and desires of his counterparts do not play any role for him.
  • He is not willing to accept that his opponent might be right.
  • He does not accept any arguments.
  • He reacts overemotionally to objections and attempts to resist.
  • He repeats something he had memorized, proverbs and cliches while trying to talk some sense into you.

You can relate to it, right? Where did you see it before? Oh yes, angry adults talk in this way to kids. “It does not matter, what you want”, “You will be on your own”, “You will later bite your fingers”, “A bird in a hand is worth two in a bush”, “I want the best for you” – we hear all these phrases from the early childhood and even when we don’t get their meaning.

Do the relatives truly worry about our hero? Maybe partially the do. Same as parents, teachers and caregivers that do not want to let go a grew up child.

To leave your comfort zone is a way to get out of control. A man is used to do exactly what he was told, is used to do it from the childhood – when it’s time to go to bed, to eat and to draw. And now he suddenly decides to plan his life on his own. To give a rise to himself. Not to ask anyone when to go on vacation. Not to wait for anyone’s approval of his work.

It’s not that easy, a simpler way is to stay an obedient child for the whole life. But not everyone is born to sing in chores. If you grew up and are ready to take the responsibility for your own wellbeing, then fly with your own wings. Network marketing is not a magic field where golden coins grow. But it’s also not an elite club, where the opportunities exist only for whose who are already rich and powerful. In network marketing its only up to you, how successful and bright your way will be.

We can give some advises to the ones who made up their choices for direct sales.

Network marketing: where to start from?

There is one simple truth that always work. You will easily sell that you will be ready to buy. You can gain a big success in the company you could be proud of. Here are more details.

  1. Choose the direction. New technologies are your world? Fine, then work with them. You made a informed choice, then spoil yourself with doing what you really like. Because you can perform better in this way. The main factors of an effective work are freedom and joy.
  2. Make your research. Find all available data: turnover, forecasts, target audience.
  3. Study the product. How can you understand if company fits your interests and is worth your trust? Study company policy as a first. And get all information about its product as a second. But take into account, competitors and toxic people often give negative feedback anonymously.
  4. Set a goal. It should be adequate and measurable. Maybe first you will decide to learn more about network marketing and how it works and you will feel safer as a distributor. That will be your Yoel for next six months. Or maybe you want to earn couple of millions euros in a year and move to islands. A good reliable brand always discloses its long term goals and mission. If they are in line with yours it’s already a half of success.
  5. Register yourself. If your register yourself in partner program, you get to the first line of the Sponsor, or tutor. Try to become a team member as soon as possible, be in the loop, attend seminars and trainings.
  6. Educate yourself. The more serious and substantial the company is, the more attention it pays to training of its partners. Because personal success of one partner becomes a part of common success in network marketing.
  7. Educate yourself about the product. The more details you can deliver to potential buyers, the more effective are the sales. Don’t try to play an expert or attribute to the product any added values – it’s a dead end. Know product benefits, be honest, positive, kind and open – it will be enough for success.
  8. Write scripts. Do you want only to sell product or recruit new people to your team? Make a plan of dialogue for each of these goals. How will you start a conversation? What are the arguments you are going to use? How will you address concerns? If you have an opportunity, try to go through your scenario with your friends or colleagues.
  9. Don’t be afraid to fail. You did not manage to sell the product or attract a new distributor. View it as a precious lesson. It’s for real the best opportunity to learn more about your customers and sales tactics.

And at last but not at least: don’t forget to be patient. Of course it’s true that sometimes the fortune is going with you side by side and everything is getting very quickly and easy right from the start. But sooner or later there will be the moment of respite. But don’t give up. If you think you are in the dead end, try to find a away out: talk to your leader, colleagues, study similar situations, go ahead at any price! Don’t let it go because you think you failed. There are temporary setbacks, but your knowledge and skills are growing everyday.