India was always a dream for entrepreneurs. It was always a Klondike, the earth of unlimited opportunities. Close your eyes and say in your mind “India”. What pictures will you see? Legends and rituals? Treasures and trade caravans? Strict traditions? This all is very important and right because now it is becoming a part of our reality.

PLATINCOIN entered this legendary market to discover new opportunities both for indian citizens and for the entire PLC community. Today we provide you with information useful for everyone planning to enter the Indian market with new offers.

The Indian way of doing network marketing

What to expect

Enabling business environment

India is a steadily developing country. Political changes during last 20 years brought it to the point that the whole world decided to develop business in India, one of the biggest markets in the world.

After Amway crisis of 2013 the country changed its legislation. Today operations of network companies are under authority of Indian states governments, and distributor are better protected from potential risks.

The country is experiencing an increasing number of intelligent, dynamic people ready to face challenges and open for new ideas. This fresh blood together with political and business environment provides a lot of opportunities for network entrepreneurship.

Positive experience

India is a country with a huge population and a pretty high unemployment rate. Starting from 1990s network marketing is really growing here. Population is already experienced in direct sales with big companies.

Giants like Modicare, Amway, Oriflame, Tupperware, Forever Living Products and other household goods distributing companies were the first market pioneers. The brands became very popular by taking their niche and the ones who managed to get into the train, are very successful now.

But there is another side of the medal. Clones of these companies damaged the reputation of the business in general. But during two decades people learned to tell the genuine product from the fake. And gradually they come to the understanding that network marketing is only one of the common business models.

Numbers and expert predictions

IDSA (Indian Direct Sales Association) is in charge of network marketing in India. The experts of the association see many free market niches and highly estimate its potential. The country has wide opportunities for network business development as well as a growing public willingness to accept its idea.

The year before last India had a 22nd place in terms of network market turnover. In 2016 the country made it to the 20th place. Country’s direct sales market increased by 16% during last 5 years.

The Indian way of doing network marketing

Gross proceeds in 2015–2016 was 83 085 million indian rupees which is 5 million more than last year. This figure is constantly growing by 4-5 millions annually starting from 2013.

Main auditorium of network sector are women – housewives and business ladies. It is mainly related to products offered: health and beauty products, kitchen utensils, household goods.

The niche of network marketing for young, educated, ambitious people, eager to new technologies is still free and promising. It would seem reasonable to anticipate a positive feedback to a worthy product. And indian government is also not left behind the progress. For instance the central bank of India plans to implement bank services based on blockchain and make cryptocurrencies available for the entire population of the country.

The Indian way of doing network marketing

What to take into considerations


Life in India changes very slowly. Much as the country advanced so far in economy and technologies, people generally tend to live as they lived three-four generations ago. In any case indian mentality still did not reach the point when children become free from pressure while making the choice of their own future.

If you don’t take a traditional way, you take a wrong way. This is still the idea of older people in India. Despite the fact that several millionaires made their wealth with direct sales, for a rather big part of indian population this business looks too untypical and unverified.

And recruiting is not the major issue. People see opportunities and they like new products making life better. But they may refuse to develop in network marketing facing prejudice of friends and relatives.

Any solutions? You have to look for partners among young people, students, middle class employees under the age of 35. Every year India is facing more and more people who aren’t afraid to take up a stand in order to go for their dream and discover new opportunities.


Let’s admit: everyone tried to skip a training or a team meeting at least once in his life. This is a human nature. And it’s nothing to skip once, two times, and then three times.

India also has a tendency to delay the need to leave the comfort zone. People can wait for years for their chance to change their lives for better. And they do not always know exactly how this chance will look like. So they are losing the opportunity to create something really cool and bright.

Any solutions? Make a meeting with you exactly this chance. Show on your example that you know the way a person can take without family directions. And more important is to show the goal and motivation.

The Indian way of doing network marketing

So Indian people tend to old traditions, to old patterns. But today the increasing number of Hindus study at international universities, travel, have interest in new business forms and technologies. It is projected a big future is waiting for indian network market.

Do you believe in yourself and in ideas of PLATINCOIN? Are you ready to inspire people to go for their dreams? Do you know that big things start with baby steps? That means you can gain an incredible success on the Indian market!