While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have leadership in the segment, many users don’t even think these are not the one social networks. But internet is developing and offering more and more platforms for any taste. Despite the fact such platforms like Facebook have huge amount of users, its functionality did not change for a while. But many not that big and popular networks can easily surprise you. And today we are going to discuss the most interesting ones!

They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


This is a social network for middle and top managers. It’s very strict, functional and motivating. It is even not too easy to register there: you have to get admin approval on your CV showing you have a management experience of minimum two years.

«What are these complications with the registration for?» — actually it is a logical question. But if the network would not provide with something useful and interesting it won’t have any users.

An access to E-xecutve gives you an opportunity to visit free seminars of other credible users, to study secrets of entrepreneurship even to contact directly the head of a big corporation you are dreaming to cooperate with.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


ASmallWorld is one of the closest social networks. You can enter this community only upon invitation of other members. The idea of the elite platform is to create an ideal surrounding for travelling: the most comfortable hotels, the best restaurants, top events with invitations available on this website only.

The network does not have advertising, so the users have to pay a monthly fee. It’s only 100 dollars annually, but with 250 thousand network users it makes a big sum!


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


Do you remember the time internet ment anonymity in all its manifestations? Step by step the state structures are trying to get control over the entire information available on the web. Big networks require more private information we want to share. You have to specify your real name and surname, your address, working place and place of study.

But it is banned in the Nekto.me network. Your profile has to be anonymous. Your anonymity is supported even in comments: only time is visible, no nickname, signature or avatar.

Of course such an absolute anonymity can come in handy for distributors of illegal content. But you can easily block an intruder and never see him again. And if you get bored, there is a function on the site that will easily connect you to a random conversationalist.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


Path can easily pretend to be the most family oriented network on the web. The developers of this brazil website mean the idea of making more and more friends does not make a sense if you communicate maximum with 50 of them. Exactly this is a maximal limit for friends in this network.

What are you sharing the most with your old friends? Exactly! Pictures! The fastest way to give update on your current status is on priority here. “Here I’m at work”: Almir is winking from a picture. “Handsome”: this is a comment from his colleague Belinda who’s already two days on vacation.

Minimum of text, maximum of pictures – this is the idea of this network. And it is true, why you have to write long post if you can just come up for a chat to your friends and discuss everything in person.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


Do you remember your dreams after you wake up? Do you remember them day after? Or maybe there are some dreams you want to share but they might seem too strange for your friends. The social network REMCloud is created for those who want to share and record the dreams.

On this website people compare their dreams, discuss them and their meaning, even find soul mates, because it might happen several people have the same dream. But if you want your records only for yourself, you can close the profile and make private your REMCloud room.

The network has another interesting function: you can search for dreams with tags and geolocation. That can give you a certain idea about where people see disturbing dreams and there it turns out fairy tales. This is a lot to think about!


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


Tumblr is getting popular and dreaming about becoming a platform for the fast and convenient blogging. A user visits the site and immediately can see all the functionality on the so called dashboard feed.

Everything is clear: here I can insert my pic, here is the place for text about my favourite song. I like this post but I have couple of remarks to it so I can add just with one click a precise qoute on my page.

There is a very useful function for professional bloggers working on stories and tracking its constant update. The function is called Queued Post. You can schedule any posts and they will be published even if you are sleeping, having vacation and if you have a blackout.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


China is famous with its rigid censorship on the web. Many well known sites like Twitter and YouTube are banned there. So China has several local analogues. One of them is WeChat, a messenger reminding on WhatsApp and Instagram with its functionality.

Voice messages and calls, pictures, likes and comments – all that we know from other networks. But the “jolt” function is unusual.

All registered users can jolt their phone like we wave our hands: “Hi, I want to talk” and other user who made the same action will instantly have the information that someone wants to talk. And this is an interesting way of making friends, right?


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features

Line For Heaven

Line For Heaven is religious network. Its users receive karmic points by performing certain actions. For instance, if you managed to gather a thematic meeting you receive +20 to your karma. Do you want to confess your sins? Here are another 20 points. And of course sharing the network with your friends will also secure you additional 20 points.

Other users will see how just you are. Because every soul (all users are called souls here) always see lists of those who are the closest to heaven. The most holy are called angels.

You can meet there christians and buddhists, missioners and ordinary people who want to support various funds. You can always find here information about charity, about religion of any “soul” – all this is stated in the profile. By the way many souls give on their profiles information about funds helping children, people suffering from severe diseases, participating in construction of new houses for people hit by natural calamities.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


You can access your files on internet with a Wi-Fi or through your mobile phone. But it might be a problem to transfer data if there is no internet connection available. But developers of Chirp network decided to break this network barrier.

All information, all data uploaded to Chirp are transformed into sound files replicatable by any device: a mobile phone, computer, tablet and even player. With this application you can save and store an audio file with no internet connection. And the file can be decoded as soon as there will be an internet access available. Developes hope to make a breakthrough in data exchange due to this function. You can broadcast sound through any speakers that means data can be transmitted instantly.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features


Many internet user like the idea of connecting people and many social networks actively support it. You can communicate with a person from any place of the world, you can add to your friend list a person from Algerien and be personally located in Salekhard and this is hilarious! The social network Nextdoor is created for the goal connecting people leave close to each other.

Nextdoor communities are accessible only for those who live in the same area or at least in neighborhood areas. So you can keep a kind of confidentiality: users from distant districts cannot join your community. And such a geography limitation is very useful: you can find a babysitter for your kids, discuss neighbours performing construction works and organize communal territory clean up.

It is a good place for business too. Companies located in the same area can set up meetings or days of open doors and easily communicate with local people on the matter.


They are not like the others: social networks with rare features

Stache Passions

Someone loves cats, someone loves cars, someone loves books and someone loves mustaches. The platform Stache Passions translated as “passion for mustaches” was previously a dating site transformed into a social network combining owners and fans of mustaches.

On this platform you can date with owners of mustaches of any color and form, you can set up meetings, share news and any other information. The is also a range of the best mustaches and the opportunity to become a fan of mustaches.