The major German CHIP magazine has published an extensive overview of the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform. The reporters discussed the problems in the contemporary crowdfunding market, the solutions offered by Platin Hero, and how the platform works. 

CHIP is a publication about computer technology and communications, targeted at both ordinary users and IT professionals, which has been published in Germany since 1978. The publication is published in both print and electronic formats. The site has a daily audience of tens of thousands of users.

We are pleased to see interest in Platin Hero from a publication of this scale, and we’re certain that this article will inspire new projects and users to join the platform. We have prepared a special translation into the languages of the community for our partners, which you can read below.

Platin Hero from PLATINCOIN sets new standards in crowdfunding

Platin Hero from PLATINCOIN offers sponsors a revolutionary crowdfunding model: for the first time, they can support projects with coins without the risk of losing their own funds. Sponsors on Platin Hero don’t need to transfer their coins anywhere — they simply freeze them for a particular project until the end of the fundraising campaign. And if the project is successful, its supporters receive an additional ten percent from the frozen amount. This is possible because the platform is based on blockchain technology. In this article, we discuss the current challenges emerging in crowdfunding markets and explain why the revolutionary Platin Hero platform can be the solution.

Why the crowdfunding market needs a revolution 

Like any market based on investments in future projects, crowdfunding investments are also associated with high risks. In fact, appealing descriptions and eye-catching pictures and videos often conceal fictitious projects born from a desire to make some quick money. This model has given rise to a large number of unsuccessful projects, resulting in distrust from investors and a bad reputation for the crowdfunding market. Because of this, many investors now believe that the risks of investing in crowdfunding platforms far exceed the expected return.

This is where Platin Hero comes in. This unique crowdfunding platform leverages the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts to realize project financing opportunities. Not only does this platform offer a new perspective on crowdfunding, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, network business, and online marketing, but also a completely new understanding of how people can spend their money, how they can invest and achieve financial freedom.

Here’s how Platin Hero can solve this problem

The creators of Platin Hero felt that the crowdfunding market was undervalued and needed a complete reboot. Based on their understanding of the problems in the financing market, they have developed a unique crowdfunding platform based on the almost unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology. At the time, few people believed the project would last. Nevertheless, Platin Hero has built a strong ecosystem with all the potential to establish itself in the market. This mutually beneficial model is unique in the history of crowdfunding: projects can receive funding to implement their ideas, and investors can support projects they believe in while keeping their money and increasing their capital.

Sponsors on the Platin Hero platform don’t have to give away their money, and there is no direct transaction of funds from the sponsor to the project. For example, if a project on Platin Hero needs 100,000 euros, then you need to freeze 100,000 coins by using the smart contract (a feature of the PLATINCOIN blockchain). This means that sponsors don’t donate their funds to anyone. Instead, they purchase the Platincoin cryptocurrency freeze some of their coins for at least a year or two, depending on the project. These coins remain with the owner and cannot be used during the specified period. This is one of the main reasons why the platform is so interesting for those who want to support projects, as well as P2P fans.

How Platin Hero works

Any project can receive funding on the platform, which applies to existing small, medium and large companies, as well as charity campaigns, startups and innovative ideas. If the target amount is not reached after the deadline, the project isn’t considered a success. After the end of the aforementioned period, the Platincoin coins become available once again and the user can immediately transfer and fully use them as they wish. However, if the project achieves its goal and freezes the required 100,000 PLC coins, it’s a different story. The project receives 100,000 euros, which become available after a simple verification. This amount is generated by the blockchain and transferred to the project in the form of Platincoins.

Platincoin (PLC) was conceived as a fixed price coin. It is traded in two trading zones. The fixed zone includes exchanges where the price always remains unchanged. Supply and demand always create a queue from one side or the other. The fixed price depends on the internal PLC index. Apart from this, there are also independent exchanges, where traders are free to participate in short-term speculations. The price on these exchanges depends on supply and demand, therefore it may fluctuate.

Once you’ve learned more about Platin Hero, you’ll see that it’s incredibly intuitive to use. Smart ideas and social projects can find support here. You can also help make the world a better place while taking advantage of an opportunity to boost your ROI.