According to CoinDesk exchange, this happened for the first time since December 2017. 

At present, the price of Bitcoin is 18 200 dollars. The previous maximum hasn’t been beaten yet – nearly 3 years ago, on December 17, 2017, the price was 19 666 dollars. However, all the conditions for a new record are already in place: in 2020, the price of Bitcoin saw a nearly twofold increase. This was greatly aided by the summer launch of a Bitcoin fund by Fidelity Investments. A month ago, the PayPal payment system announced that users would be able to store and use crypto coins. Interest towards digital currencies in general and Bitcoin in particular has been kindled by macro investors on Wall Street and major banks who used their blockchain to make deals or hedge their risks.

Despite its precipitous rise, Bitcoin is slated to drop at a similarly swift rate (as was the case after the 2017 record, when the price dropped by 70%). For example, Vijay Ayyar, the head of business development at the Luno exchange, is confident that the price of Bitcoin will drop by 30-40%: ‘Major rallies in the past have been followed by correction. There’s no reason to believe that this time will be different.’ Crypto experts consider the 18-19 thousand dollar price level to be a ‘potential peak’.