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A robot-friend Sofia and other miracles based on AI and blockchain

The company Hanson Robotics from USA which created a robot-puppet Sofia announced in the media that it plans to implement the technology of the distributed register into artificial intelligence. Sofia is the first robot maximally close to the human. She recognizes people and voices, can set up an eye contact and improve its own speech. The developers of Hanson Robotics use cloud technologies in the production and now want to integrate blockchain in order to open new technologies by the creation of robots.

The US Securities and Exchange commission will hold an event on the 12th of October which is dedicated to blockchain. Focus: “Discussion on blockchain and other common bookkeeping technologies as well as their influence on the stock market”. The event was live broadcasted on the website www.sec.gov. All interested parties can visit the event or watch the record. SEC is postponing the process of ICO acceptance in USA supporting the security measures. Many governments follow the example of the american commission and go even further. For instance China recently totally banned ICO in the country.

The IT company Intel shows an active interest in advanced technologies. In accordance with recent data the corporation invested around one billion dollars into startups related to artificial intelligence. Company representatives note these strategic investments can help make Intel a safe, innovative and modern AI platform. The company also created a department with the own lab, where artificial intelligence features will be developed and tested.

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October 17, 2017

“София — первый робот, максимально напоминающий человека. Она узнает людей и голоса, может устанавливать зрительный контакт и совершенствовать собственную речь.” – даже немного не по себе становится, когда узнаешь до чего дошел прогресс…

October 17, 2017

если раньше роботов мы могли видеть только в фильмах ,то на сегодня Робот становится помощником в нашей жизни .

October 19, 2017

Wenn wir einen intelligenten Roboter wie ein Mensch behandeln, wird er es dann durchschauen und sich fragen, warum wir ihn wie ein Mensch behandeln und nicht wie ein Roboter?

October 20, 2017

Главное чтоб робот “не стал человеком”)))

October 29, 2017

Компания Hanson Robotics из США, к планирует внедрить технологию
распределенного реестра в искусственный интеллект.
Это новые возможности при создании роботов.
Настоящая фантастика – робот, максимально напоминающий человека!